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15 Best Places To Impress Your Woman

By Debdatta Mazumbder

Dating plays an important role in figuring out if the attraction between you and the person you like can go any further. It helps you come closer, you get to know more about each other and also gives you a chance to think over your relationship, whether you want to be in it or move on. Now, dating has some important rules. If you are going on a first date, you have to be cautious about certain things.

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Dating places play a vital part in your growing relationship. If you invite the lady to your apartment on your first date,it will be surely be the end of your relationship. So, what are the best places to impress your woman? For first dates choose places that makes her feel safe and comfortable. Only if you two share a strong bond may you take some adventurous step. But never forget to get your girlfriend’s opinion.

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Yes, you may plan a surprise date for your girlfriend. In that case, remember to keep her preferences in mind. Her likes and dislikes should matter because you are planning something special for her. Therefore, you must be aware about perfect date places to impress your woman. So, are you ready to take your girl on a pleasurable date? Here are some best places to impress your woman-

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1. Coffee Shop

A successful relationship can be made over a cup of coffee. So for first date, coffee shops are one of the best places to impress your woman. She will feel comfortable there and will admire your choice.


2. Dinner at Restaurant

There is no shame in admitting it that many guys don't want to spend much on first date. If you are really interested in having a relationship with the lady, a pleasant dinner at a good restaurant can be one of the date places to impress your woman. Try to understand her tastes before you choose the venue.


3. Movies

People think going for a movie is not a good idea for a first date as you don't get time to talk. OK. Save it for the next. But consult with your girlfriend before buying tickets. Never forget to buy popcorn and cold drinks.


4. Shopping Mall

The easiest way to impress a woman. Take her to a shopping mall and encourage her shopping spree. She will be totally impressed with you. And if you take her on a lunch or dinner after shopping that will be the icing on the cake.


5. Ice-cream Parlour

Have you done anything to irritate your girlfriend or wife? Take her to an ice-cream parlour to cool her down. Buy her favourite flavour and try to make her smile. Otherwise, may God save you!


6. Walk in a Park

sometimes guys get confused where to take the girl for first date. A park can be one of the most pleasant date places to impress your woman. Walk side by side, playing with her fingers and sink into each other's eyes in the twilight- both of you'll remember this date forever.


7. Beach

What a romantic and sensuous place to take your girl for date! Walk hand in hand on the sand, play with the waves, a night under the stars- it can be the most romantic date. To enliven the charm of your marriage, take your wife on a surprise beach date.


8. Resort

Neverduring the start of a relationship. If you two share a strong bond, it can be among the most romantic date places to impress your woman. Plan it in your way that you give a pleasant surprise to your woman. If you're a busy husband, this surprise can bring your wife closer to you.


9. Adventure Sports

Do you share equal interest in adventure sports? Then, sports like rafting, bungee jumping or scuba diving can be your forte. Take her to such adventurous sports and enjoy to the fullest.


10. Boat Ride

An evening date in a boat can be more romantic than anything else. You don't need a specific place to go. Just flow with the tide and come closer to each other. With the setting sun, you two will rise in love.


11. Concerts

The list of best places to impress your woman can include this too. If both of you have a similar taste in music, go for a musical concert or go watch a drama. You both may feel content with the tune, lyrics or words of the music or play.


12. Motor Cycle Ride

Sometimes not having a fixed destination can bring the charm of adventure in a date. Just take your motor cycle, have your woman on the back seat and escape from the regular crowd.


13. Salsa Class

Do you like beats? And shaking and grooving with music? Join a salsa class. Now, why choose this form of dance among others? It is one of the most sensual forms of dancing. What better to bring you two closer than the swings and beats of salsa.


14. Any Fair or Party

If you guys like to hang out with friends, such gatherings can be good places for dates. Yes, you may not have much alone time, but you can enjoy for sure. The rides in the fair, street food and such will bring out the teenager in you.


15. Your Apartment

Search for best places to impress your woman can be culminated with this. You don't need to go anywhere else. Just give a special touch of decoration, cook something special, arrange a candle light dinner and place a love note with a rose. Enough to electrify the lady for further!

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