Naive Excuses Guys Make All The Time

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Men are so uncertain, almost every time! And they are the first to make comments about women being so unpredictable. According to recent statistics, it is said that 90 percent of the men make the dumbest excuses in their relationship just to get out of a situation where a girlfriend is involved.

The best thing about these lame excuses is men don't get it that we as women know exactly what is running on in their mind. If you're trying to pass off into meeting your lady, be upfront and honest with her, by telling your lady the truth. Lying to her and making naive excuses, not to meet her, is just immature and not so gentleman type.

If you're one of those type of guys who loves to make excuses to get out from a situation that involves the lady, please understand that your woman knows your tricks. And, for the ladies out there, here are some of the naive excuses every guy makes in a relationship and is very well versed with.

So, if you're wondering what's wrong with your man lately, trust me, men are all the same when it comes to thinking of escaping. Here are a handful of excuses men make to their girlfriends, let us know if any of them sound familiar:

how men behave in relationships

Ooopps, I Forgot
When you have reminded your man a million times about that date and he makes an excuse saying that it slipped out of his mind, this is for sure a naive excuse. If you men can't make it, we women would appreciate that you're open to us by spilling out the truth.

how men behave in relationships

I'm Extremely Busy
No one can be extremely busy, unless it is done on purpose. There is always time to spare around. Telling you that he is busy is up to your neck, and hence is one of the common excuses all men love to drag about.

how men behave in relationships

I Couldn't Get Through The Line
Most men forget to call their lady back and pass it off as if they have 'sincerely' forgotten to make that one call. Well, guys, we understand what you've really been up to!

how men behave in relationships

Can We Sleep Now
Texting into the wee hours of the morning can be romantic, but what happens when that unexpected fight strikes, what does any man do? He will try to avoid it at any cost by exclaiming that he is extremely tired and ready to tuck into bed.

I Got Stuck In Traffic
This is an eternal excuse guys make to their girlfriends when they are late for that date. We ladies think it is time you guys come up with new excuses, or perhaps try the truth!

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Story first published: Thursday, December 17, 2015, 18:30 [IST]
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