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Creepy Things Men Do In Relationships

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Relationships can be fun when one of the partners are over excited and bubbly all the time. If your man is that kind of a person, I am sure there are things he does which really creeps you out from time to time.

There are different ways to show love to one another, but if your man is pushing it too far, we think you should tell him to draw the line. Yes, there could be times when he might go over bound, catch you off guard and creep you out unexpectedly.


Well, there are a lot of guys who have this character and just like you there are a lot of women who find it kind of cheesy! Boldsky has listed some of the things that women find uncomfortable in their relationship.

Guys, it is time you leave everything aside and take a look at these creepy things men do in relationships:


Beard Stroking

Guys if you have a beard or a mustache, we ladies are extremely happy, but it gets kind of annoying when you keep stroking the beard at every little chance you get.



No doubt you love your lady, but don't make the mistake of hovering her at every moment during the day. Learn to give your woman her space and quit invading in her privacy. This again is one of the creepy things men do in a relationship.


Another GIRL Talk

If you love her the way you claim, never speak of another girl in her presence. This will only annoy your woman and she won't be happy about it. This kind of behaviour is also creepy and most women don't appreciate it.


The Touch

All women loved to be touched by her man, but when you over do it in a relationship, it gets kind of creepy. Touching your lady in public places isn't a nice way to show your love to her, so it is best to avoid this creepy attitude.



One of the creepy things women don't appreciate in their relationship is when her man compares her to his ex. I mean, come on, grow up!


The Other Woman

Yes, there are a ton of hot women out there guys, but that does not mean you look at the other woman when your lady is around. It is one of the creepiest things we women don't like.


Those Complements

Well, every woman wants her man to give her those complements, but when he pushes it too far, this is time it gets a little creepy! So, guys don't over do it with the complements.


The Intimacy Talk

In most of the relationships, women and men come with baggage from another relationship they got out of. If your woman has been in a intimate past relationship, never ask her about her sexual encounters, it is quite disturbing.


The Parent Meet

Another thing which creeps out women is when you take her to meet the parents. IF you've been thinking about settling down with her and a long term, it is worth the meet, otherwise, just don't take this step.


Pouncing On Her

Never pounce on your woman. Take it easy in the relationships and allow your love to grow first before you take it to the bedroom. This is another thing which creeps out women in a relationship.

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Story first published: Friday, September 4, 2015, 8:02 [IST]
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