10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is losing Interest In You

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People, sometimes, lose interest in relationships with the disinterest lasting temporarily or steadily increasing to see an end to the commitment some day. It is hard to predict really, with several factors contributing to a loss of interest in relationships.

It cannot precisely be said which of the two sexes is more disposed to losing interest but going by popular understanding, both men and women have an equal tendency of losing interest in the relationship.

In this article, we view things from the angle of men. We look at signs your boyfriend is losing interest in the relationship. We also try and figure out the reasons your boyfriend is losing interest in you.


Many factors contribute to a loss of interest for men in a relationship. We will not be going into the details of why it happens, for our focus is on identifying signs your boyfriend is losing interest. So let us go ahead and look into these signs your man is losing interest in you. Here are 10 tangible signs your boyfriend is losing interest. These are also signs of a break up. Read on...


What Plans?

If not always, it used to be he who was calling the shots and making plans most of the time. Suddenly, it does not seem so. This is one of the first signs he is losing interest in the relationship.


He Shouts Way Too Much. He Suddenly Becomes Stubborn

This is another concrete signs he is losing interest. He suddenly becomes way too stubborn and behaves irrationally. This is mainly because he isn't satisfied with the relationship.


He Tries To Avoid You

When you wish to meet him, he finds reasons to avoid you. Reasons are illogical most of the time. He does all he can to avoid you and gives you irrational reasons for doing the same.


He Lies To You More Often Than Not

This point is closely linked to the previous one where he tries to avoid you. He starts lying often and rarely tells you the truth - another concrete sign he is losing interest. The reason is that he either wants more from the relationship or is dissatisfied with the relationship.


Disinterest In Sex. You Guys Stop Having Sex

Sex isn't the way it used to be. Heightened disinterest creeps in. He tries to avoid physical intimacy often.


He Prioritises Other Things Over You

Other things take priority, even the most stupidest of things. You are no longer a priority like you once used to be.


He Stops Making Efforts To Reconcile

Fights are often and even when he is at fault, he fails to apologise. He does not make efforts to reconcile as well.


He Is Rude Way Too Often

Fights are often bad and there suddenly does not seem to be a limit to his rudeness. He finds reasons to fight and is rude way too often.


He Doesn't Take Your Calls. Neither Does He Call Often

No calls. No messages. He doesn't respond to you and neither does he reach out.


He Acts Weird When You Question Him

Rudeness, irrationality and avoidance are his characteristics when you question him. He never seems interested to answer your questions.

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