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Revealed: Why Women Like Older Men?


There is an old saying, 'life begins at forty!'. In case of men, this statement is literally true. Men after 40 have all the luck in the world. They are at the top of their game in their career and suddenly young women find them really attractive. It is a fact that you see young women date older men all the time. Most people think it is just because they have money. However, there are more many more reasons as to why women like older men.


You will be surprised to know that most women find men over forty totally irresistible. Take the celebrities for example. Arjun Rampal was just an obscure model at 30. But at 40, he became the symbol of male sexuality. Brad Pitt was vaguely attractive when he was younger. But the older he gets, the sexier he becomes.

Many men face face mid life crisis at forty. But there is no reason for men after forty to get depressed. Life opens up like a big pool for them after they turn forty. There are some really hot young women waiting to date them. They have never felt better about their career and they can basically sit back and relish life.

If you are still not convinced, here are some very valid reasons why women like older men. And by 'older' we mean men after forty in particular.


The Streak Of Grey

Women find a streak of grey hair really irresistible. Salt pepper hair is the biggest turn on for many women. George Clooney has made a career out of being grey haired for the last 10 years!


Old Wine Concept

Women like men who are experienced with women and that can happen only when a man has been around for sometime. It is a known fact that women do not like attractive men but prefer men who has dated other attractive women.


The Paycheck

Money is a major factor in making a woman fall for you. At forty, men usually have their career sorted out and they have a certain spending power that they did not have at 20. That attracts women as well.


Men Need Time To Mature

Women think that boys take their own sweet time to become men. Girls by attain a certain level of maturity by the time they reach their thirties. But men need to go past the forty mark to be considered mature.



Young men are usually not very good for settling down with. They want adventure, they are not sure what they want and they hate the idea of settling down altogether. If you talk about kids, they will probably run away. At forty, men start feeling the need for a family.


Men At Forty Dress Better

Women prefer men who have been through their phases of long hair, pierced ears and cheesy leather jackets. When they are finally wise and start dressing in well cut suits, women like them much better.


40 Plus Men Are More Confident

Men in their twenties are often awkward and lack the gravity that older men have. When men start doing well in their career, dressing better and seeing that all the hot chicks are falling for them, they develop an inner confidence that was missing in their younger selves.


The Electra Connection

All women idolise their father when it comes to choosing a life partner. And men in their forties instantly give out a fatherly vibe to them. They choose older men who can pamper them and even show them the right path in life.


Older Men Are More Loyal

Young men are mercurial when it comes to relationships. They can go chasing after other girls in the exuberance of youth. But older men are usually more loyal and they are looking for a woman they can settle down with.

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