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How Emotional Infidelity Ruins Relationships?


Emotional infidelity is basically connecting with a person outside the relationship. This can cause the same amount of damage as a physical affair. Women tend to fall for this more often as they tend to be less romanced by their husbands and move towards outsiders who look out for them.

In short, emotional infidelity ruins relationships. Initially, this relationship may seem like an innocent fun. Then, slowly you move closer to that person by talking about your personal problems and finally, you seem to trust that person more than your spouse.

This can be a major problem in your marriage and can put your marriage in the danger zone; because this robs the affection for your spouse that rightly belongs to him. Following are a few relationship advices that you can try out.



Trust and honesty are the basics of any relationship. When you find yourself or your partner being very secretive, that means there is another member in your relationship. A good relationship advice would be to have a honest communication with your spouse, let him or her know why you feel that way and ask why your partner is keeping some things as secret.

Displaced Trust

This is another way emotional infidelity ruins relationship; when you have shifted your trust from your spouse to the other person. A few things need to be kept within the relationship itself. This will include sexual intimacy, financial issues and detailed accounts of spouse’s shortcomings as these are few of the many things that need not be discussed with anyone else.


No one likes to be compared to another person. Another good relationship advice would be to avoid comparing your spouse with another person. Accept the way your spouse is. If you feel there is a problem, talk and work your way out. An occasional comparison is fine, but a habitual comparison can lead to a problem.

In a dream world

It is like starting a new affair all over again; all you see is the good qualities of that person. You will feel that he tries to impress you and you will think that he is giving you more importance than your spouse. In short, emotional infidelity ruins relationships.

Time Management

After the initial courtship and the honeymoon season, it is common that most of the couples move into the daily routines; they are so involved with their work, duties at home and kids that they hardly find time for themselves. When you are not able to make time for your spouse, emotional infidelity ruins relationships.


If you feel that your ‘special’ friend is looking at you in a ‘special’ way; this will naturally drive your attention towards him/her. A good relationship advice would be to have a conversation with your spouse about what you expect from him. If you want to be physically attracted to another person rather than your spouse, then your marriage is in a danger zone.

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Story first published: Monday, July 7, 2014, 20:14 [IST]
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