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8 Rules To Be Followed In A Relationship

Do you think rules need to be followed when you are in a relationship? There are some people who believe that rules in a relationship can help your love to grow stronger and to last longer as well. The best part of being in a relationship is when the two of you know what you want from it over a period of time. There are some rules which help to make the relationship worth it.

If you follow these rules in the relationship, you are bound to see the rest of your life with that person you are currently dating. Take a look at some of the best rules to be followed in a relationship.



Rule 1: Tell Her Your Secrets

Don't hide anything from her! The ground rule to be followed in a relationship is not to have secrets in the relationship. It could lead to a lot of painful things that you might regret later in life.


Rule 2: Don't Hide The Work Pressure

Hiding your work pressure will only create problems in your relationship. The rules to be followed in a relationship is to share everything with her. She will surely understand what you are going through.


Rule 3: Avoid Crushes

Having a crush on a cute girl in office is one of the things you need to avoid no matter how loyal you are in the relationship. One of the rules to be followed in a relationship is to love your partner only.


Rule 4: Support Her No Matter What

One of the rules to be followed in a relationship is to support her at all times. Even when you do not agree with her at 'that time of the month', find a way to say yes to her.


Rule 5: Look After Her Needs

Look after her needs in every angle possible. Pamper her, love her and hit on her if possible whenever you can.


Rule 6: Be A Good Listener

To be a good listener, you need to have the patience. So work on that and you will be fine. This is an important rule to be followed in a relationship.


Rule 7: Respect Her Privacy

It is a ground rule in a relationship to respect and give her the privacy when she wants it. A lady needs to do things on her own without her man holding onto her 24/7.


Rule 8: Compliment Her

Every man should compliment his lady. This makes her feel on top of the world and in this way, you will get lucky too with tons of extra love loaded on you.

Story first published: Monday, May 5, 2014, 23:16 [IST]
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