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Impossible Expectations Women Have From Men

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Men and women are created as opposites. That is why the war of the genders has been going on for generations. But there is no way to tell which side wins because there is too much fraternisation between the enemies! Women want men and vice versa. None can live without the other. But sometimes, the expectations women have from their partners can make things difficult. We all have expectations from marriage or relationships. But expectations women have from men can be a notch unrealistic.

Women want men to understand things without being told explicitly. And that is the core of our problem. Men can never understand anything without being told. That is the basic difference between men and women. But still women have expectations from men that are almost impossible to understand.

Men and women react differently to situations. That is why, it is difficult for men to understand what women want from them. Similarly, when a woman's expectations are not met, she is totally frustrated. To sum it up, a woman marries a man expecting him to change but he doesn't. Likewise, a man marries a woman expecting her not to change but he does.

Here are some really difficult expectations that women have from men.


He'll help me in the kitchen without being told

Well the trouble is that men can never do anything without being told. And helping in the kitchen is hard work for them. So you have ask them help when you want.


He'll let me drive his car

He will not let you drive his car unless he has a heart attack, and you are the only person left to drive him to the hospital.


He'll stand up for me against his mother

Do not expect your man to stand up against his mother for anything. He will stand up against his mother only till he gets married to you. After that, his mom is always right.


He'll never ask me why I swiped his credit card

He will ask and he will ask you in way that you may not like. Men spend fortunes on gadgets and you can't understand why. Similarly when you spend on clothes and jewellery, it is hard for him to understand.


He'll be this romantic even 5 years later

He may even forget the spelling of the word romance as he gets busy with work. But instead of cribbing about it, you must try to keep the romance alive.


He'll never look at another girl

If he never looks at another girl then he is probably not straight. Its all right to check out girls as long as he doesn't take any step further.


He'll tell me everything

No he won't. Just like there are some things that you cannot tell him, there will be things that he cannot discuss with you.


He'll stop meeting his friends all the time

He will always try to meet his friends and if you try to stop him, then he'll try to hide the truth from you. His friends are important to him just as yours.


He'll pick me up from work everyday

As you both get busy, you will have to learn to live independently from each other. You cannot expect him to pick you up everyday.


He'll know when I need a new gift

He will probably even forget important days like your first meeting anniversary. Men are not good with finer details like dates and feelings. So when you want something, just tell him.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 18:24 [IST]
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