Ways to Get Out of the Friend Zone

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Tired of being "just friends" with the love of your life? Escaping this friend zone is pretty difficult. Once you are categorized as a 'friend', women rarely see you as anything else. You become the shoulder to cry on, the one special person to hangout with, a storehouse of all her secrets but hardly the man she would fall for.

So, does that mean you give up and be the nice 'friend' all your life? Not exactly. It's time to get out of the friendship zone and make a bold move. Now, hold on for a second. We are not asking you to rush things at the very moment. Start with simple hints and then hit the nail! You just have to get the insights right as to what she is looking for in a man. You just have to use that knowledge to accomplish the mission.

Here you go with the simple steps on how to get out of the friend zone and enter the relationship zone successfully.


Treat Her Like a Woman

Before being anything else don't forget that she is a woman and you need to treat her like one. Chances are that you may be looking at her as a partner while treating her like a friend. Be clear with you signals. She may take the wrong cue and you will remain 'friends' forever.


Step Up and Flirt

You just cannot expect things to materialize on their own. It's high time that you step in to the next level. Don't be subtle, open up and flirt with her. Compliment her if she is looking gorgeous. Hold on the gaze when you talk to her. This will give her strong hints as to what you are expecting.


Let Your Body Speak

Once you have hinted her about your feelings, it's time to be physical. Don't get scared. Physical here means you have to break the touch barrier. Touching her hand while talking, pushing a lock of her hair behind the ear etc. are certain small acts which will help you to build an air of intimacy that she will find desirable as well.


Encourage Dating

The best part of being in the friend zone is that you can easily hangout with your crush without either of you feeling weird about it. Use these casual hangouts for date like activities like go out for a dinner or take a long walk together. Talk to her about the kind of relationship you would want from your partner, giving subtle hints.


Make Your Absence Felt

Make her miss you. The people who are always there for us, we sometimes start taking them for granted. We notice only when the person is absent from the scene. Work on this behaviour and make her feel your absence. Don't be a bad friend but then make her realize that she needs you. This way she will appreciate the time even more that she spends with you.


Say It

The last option is to be bold and say it. There are chances that she never realized what you have been feeling for her all this while. It may sound scary that you might lose her once and for all after saying it. But there are higher chances that she also feels the same way for you but had been waiting for you to make the move.


Break Free n Enjoy!

There will always be the barriers in getting out of the friend zone. But if you limit yourself then you will remain the 'good friend' and if you get over the barriers then you open a whole lot of new possibilities, taking the friendship to a higher level.

Story first published: Thursday, July 11, 2013, 2:02 [IST]
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