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16 Ways To Enjoy Being Single


After a breakup, you might feel lonely for a few weeks. It is as if something is missing in your life. But eventually, when life gets back to normal, you really can enjoy being single. After all, you do not have to be in relationship with someone all the time to be happy. After all the heart breaks and tears, may be staying single can actually be worth it.

There many reason for you to enjoy being single. First of all, you are back in your social circuit. If you are single you are sought after by many for prospects. So flying solo may not be such a bad idea after all. Many people actually enjoy being single because it gives you lot space for your own growth and development. For example, if you stay single, you can spend an entire Sunday studying for your CAT or GMAT exams. Can you imagine that when you are with somebody?

You may even want to stay single for your peace of mind. Flying solo means less of complications and stress in your life. You just enjoy being single because it allows you to love yourself more than someone else.

If you are upset over a break up then we can teach you several ways to enjoy being single.


Enjoy The Attention

As soon as the news goes around that you are single again, you start getting a lot of attention from your male or female friends. You are now a prospect for many smart and hot people.


Meet Your Girlfriends/Guyfriends More Often

When you are with someone, they claim most of your time. You start becoming cut off from your girl gang or gang because you can't hang out with them very often. When you are single, you can meet your close friends all the time and have a blast together.


Dress To Impress Again

Being in a relationship makes you complacent about your looks. But when you are single, you can take pleasure in beauty treatments and your style statement again.


Watch The Kind Of Movies You Want To

You don't have to watch an action or a romantic flick just to give company to your partner. Now may be you can watch serious cinema like you always wanted to.


Go On Blind Dates

Blind dates are exciting and fun. When you are single, you can take your chances with blind dates. And if your date is a disaster, you can laugh over it with your friends.


Concentrate On Your Career

Now that you don't have any lover occupying your thoughts, you can use the extra time to concentrate on your career. When you climb the ladder of success you will attract better prospects.


Be The Queen Bee Of Facebook

When your relationship status in Facebook changes to 'single' you are the centre of attraction for your friend circle. Everyone will be talking about you and your social quotient will be high.


Have A Online Dating Profile

Who said online dating is for losers. You can try your hands at online dating, chatting and pen friends. It might actually work for you.


Spend Time With Your Family

Singlehood is your best shot at being the prodigal son or daughter. Spend weekends with your parents. Take your mother shopping and play chess with your dad. They deserve your time more than any one else.


Indulge Your Favourite Hobby

To indulge in your hobbies you need time. And spare time is something that you rarely have when you are in a relationship. Find the hidden painter, musician or sports person inside you.


Enjoy Casual Intimacy

Having casual nightcap with someone will full fill the basic need of a relationship in your life. You will be physically satisfied and still be emotionally free as a bird.


Travel At Your Will

You don't have to give explanations to anyone now. So, pick up your bag and be on the move whenever you want. You can drive to nearby destinations or take a vacation all by yourself.


Help Friends Get Over Breakups

When you are so happy with being single, you can be an inspiration to your friends who have just broken up. Show them that singlehood can be fun and help them get over breakup blues.


Eat Just As You Like

You don't have to look good for anybody now. So eat all the burger and fries you want. After all, its your life and your waist.


Live Like Pig At Home

When you are home, you can afford to live like a dirty pig. Leave your laundry unwashed for weeks, use your couch as your bed, there is no one to reprimand you.


Spend Money On Yourself

Now you are not under obligation to save up to buy your partner an expensive birthday present. So splurge on yourself.

Story first published: Friday, April 12, 2013, 21:00 [IST]
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