Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship

By A Mixed Nerve

Troubled by an unhealthy relationship and craving to make it better? Well, there are certain signs that you need to see through in order to know your relationship is unhealthy and when you understand them, you can make the amendments.

To have a healthy relationship is every couple's fairy tale. We all want our love lives to sparkle and shine always and in every aspect, we will do anything to create that lifelong glow.

Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship

But, there are a few couples who are not that lucky when it comes to relationships and romance. When these couples go through storm waters, they face a terrible time to put things back in order. The relationship takes a toll and it becomes extremely difficult on their part to put things in order.

It is indeed true that a relationship always begins on a right note. But, as days go by, lovers come across signs of an unhealthy relationship, which overpowers what they have for each other.

Once the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over, the troubled part begins and here is when one must be careful while treading on shallow water of an unhealthy relationship.

If you are going through any sort of signs that seem unhealthy like these signs listed below, it is about time you wake up and do something to save your relationship from tearing into a million pieces.

These signs will guide you in understanding the problems that are surfacing in your relationship. Once you know about the problems, you certainly can solve them.

Let's go through the signs of an unhealthy relationship.


Along with dishonesty comes secrecy. If you have a secret crush on someone and you avoid talking about it with your lover, then it is unhealthy for the relationship. You need to let your partner know about this secret crush so that it does not lead to more dishonesty.

Dishonesty is all about keeping things away from your partner that matters to you on a personal note. In a healthy relationship, it is always about being open with each other and not having a single doubt about each other.

Dishonesty on a broader spectrum leads to cheating. If you are hiding something from your partner, it is always better to openly speak about it with your SO.


The onset of affairs becomes a ritual when your relationship becomes unhealthy. These types of affairs come in different forms, emotional or in the bedroom. But, what is important is that you need to act on it and confront your partner before he/she finds out from a third person.
Affairs cannot be kept hidden forever. At some point or the other, your partner will find out about the adultery you are dealing with behind your partner's back. Do not let yourself into a hostile environment. It doesn't go well and certainly ruin the relationship.

So, if you are planning on having an affair, just think twice about how it would be later after you have taken the affair to the bed.

No Respect

At the beginning of your relationship, there was a lot of respect and care for one another. But, after a period of time, your relationship lacks respect and this is unhealthy. To be in a happy and healthy relationship, both partners need to respect each other.

A relationship is built upon respect. It is one of the strongest pillars of the relationship and if you are not being able to give respect or feel respected in your relationship, then you are in the state of unhealthy relationship habitat.

Turn around and turn the tables in the favour of the relationship. Start respecting and loving or make your partner understand the same fact. This would save the relationship, else none could hold the Titanic from sinking.


One of the main signs of an unhealthy relationship is that of insecurity. If you feel that your partner's closeness to an attractive friend threatens you, you should confront him with this. If you fail to tell him how you feel about his reaction, it will only get worse. Insecurities are common at the start of a new relationship, where both partners are still learning about each other, their ex and of course their cute friends.

Insecurity feeds on the desires of the relationship. If you let the insecurity grow in you, be careful about the consequences, as they are never good. None has been benefitted by it till date from being insecure.

Relationships are based on trust and the only way to let go of the insecurity that you are keeping within and feeding every moment is by discussing the matters that mean to you with your partner.


Incompatible relationships are the worst sign of an unhealthy relationship. The love may have blossomed perfectly, but with limited communication and understanding, partners decide that they are incompatible. However, it is never too late to rekindle your romance and start from where you began initially.

Incompatibility can be molded to compatibility. It requires you and your partner to give each other the time and patience. You can start fresh from the scratch, making the relationship a better one. You can work on the areas where you feel you lacked earlier. You keep pushing yourself and your partner to make the relationship a better one with compatibility and happiness.

Silent Treatment

Now, this is one of the common signs of an unhealthy relationship. The silent treatment is always affiliated with work-related issues and stress, which is relatively wrong. This usually happens after an argument, silent treatment tends to work, but it is not good for the relationship.

Silent treatment kills the vibe of the relationship. It becomes a one-way for the relationship and that is when you are certain about your relationship, taking a hit.

Be open with your partner and do not engage in silent treatment if you had a fight or an argument or for any other reasons. Being silent about your pain, only aggravates it, and doesn't keep you at ease from within. Learn to share what you are feeling and do not engage yourself in giving your partner a silent treatment.

These are some of the unhealthy signs in a relationship, you need to let go of today, in the hope of a better tomorrow for your relationship.

Hope in a relationship is the most beautiful feeling and turning your unhealthy relationship back to the age of a happy one is a dream come true.

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