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Play Hard To Get Him This Women's Day

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Do you know what is the only way to get a man hooked, cooked and booked? It can be easily done if you play hard to get him. Men like challenges so be a huge challenge for them. So girls, 8th of March is International Women's Day and we at Boldsky intend to make it big. So to celebrate Women's Day, we are teaching women how to play hard to get.

What all women want is that men should chase them and they should get loads of importance. So if you want a lot of footage from your guy, then don't consider yourself attention-seeking; you are just being a girl!

Play Hard To Get

On Women's Day, here are some simple steps that can help you play hard to get him.

Keep Your Distance: Men do not chase women who fall all over them. So if a guy thinks it is very easy to get his hands on you, he will take you for granted. So be smart and maintain a respectable distance all the time. We are not asking you to be prude; you have to be flirtatious with your body language but not fall over him.

Dress To Impress, Not To Drop Jaws: It is alright to indulge in a bit of skin show to impress your guy. You can wear plunging necklines and micro-mini skirts. But make sure you don't cross the line by dressing cheap or look vulgar.

Never Call Him, But Drop A Text Message: Girls who play hard to get never call their guys back. All they do is drop tantalizing text messages on his mobile. Words are ambiguous, they can be interpreted in several ways. So if you text him instead of calling up, it will keep him guessing.

Go Missing Sometimes: If you want to be missed, then you have to absent sometimes. It is good to take a short hiatus from your social life once in a while. Disappear from the social media for a week or miss a few parties where you know your guy will be present. If he likes you, he will miss you and therefore be compelled to pursue you.

Be Seen With Other 'Guy' Friends But Don't Get Cosy: It is good to let your man know that he has competition. So you must hang out with your other guy friends once in a while. But your man should not think that you have loose morals or you are playing a game with him. So, never get too cosy with other guy friends in presence of your special man.

These are some basic rules that can help any woman play hard to get and be chased by men. Happy Women's Day and have good time implementing these tips.

Story first published: Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 12:07 [IST]
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