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Handling A Womanizer In A Relationship


Handling a womanizer in a relationship is a herculean task. Don't get offended by the term, 'womanizer'. It is generally used to refer to a man who likes the company of many women. However, this fetish for being around women can lead to many problems in relationships. While some women accept womanizers in relationships, others get hurt by this peculiar trait in their partner.

A womanizer in a relationship is tough to deal with. However, it does not mean that your flirting partner cannot be tamed. You can manage your man's craving for 'women' friends if you take the right steps. You must tread with caution to avoid any big relationship problems. But you have to handle your man with an iron fist.

The most important thing is to never get hurt because of your flirting partner. You must realise that he doesn't do it hurt you; flirting is just second nature to him. So manage your flirtatious boyfriend or husband like a wise woman.

Here are some steps to deal with a womanizer in a relationship.


Let Him Know That You Know

It is important that your partner knows that you are aware of all his indiscretions. Never shout or make a scene. Choose an appropriate moment when he is busy with his phone and tell him you know who he is talking to.


Don't Track His Moves

If your guy feels that you are keeping a track of all his moves, then he will feel suffocated. It will be like being spied upon by Big Brother. That is why, even if you do track his moves, he must never know.


Have A Mature Discussion

It is very important to face your problems like mature adults. If you feel that you have really had enough, sit down and tell him how you feel. If he is reasonable, he will definitely understand. May be he won't change immediately, but he will try.


Keep An Eye In Parties

When you are in a mixed company, keep a close watch on him. He should be aware that you are watching him. This will cut down the number of opportunities he gets to flirt with other women.


Silence Is Your Best Friend

When you want to let your displeasure be known, become silent. Silence always works in your favour when you really want to show your anger.


A Taste Of His Own Medicine

How about letting the ladies man know that his lady love too can be wooed? Its simple, pick a guy who always liked you and start giving lot of attention to him. Meet him for lunch, text him and call him over for parties. You well soon see your boyfriend go green with jealously.


Fill His Life

The best way to stay hooked on to a man is to fill his life with your presence. Every woman is a super woman. You can take over his life in such a way that he will become totally dependent on you.


Keep Him Happy In Bed

It is very important to keep the fireworks going in bed. If your man is physically and emotionally satisfied in a relationship with you, his reasons for straying will be far less.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 17:07 [IST]