How To Increase Intimacy In Marriage? 15 Ways For You.

By A Mixed Nerve

When you are in a happy marriage, one of the things which draws in so much of happiness is the intimacy shared between the two. Today, couples are so busy in their own little spaces that they tend to forget to show that extra love and affection to their partner. A love between two people should be shown out carelessly and with passion.

It is also believed that due to the stressful lives we lead, couples are not getting the time to spend with their loved one. This could be one of the reasons why intimacy is lacked in the marriage.

intimacy in marriage

I feel that if you spend more time with each other, curled up under a warm blanket basking in each others love, the intimacy will grow. I also feel that there are different other ways too in which you can boost the intimacy in your marriage.

If you take a look at some of the advice on how to increase the intimacy in a marriage, you will surely see the difference in a few days time. All you need to do is follow this marriage advice on how to increase the intimacy in your marriage.

Take a look at some of the tips to increase the love between the two of you.

Be Friends

Being best friends with the one you love can surely increase the intimacy. Your partner should always be the one you share your inner feelings with as well as your go-to person. This develops a bonding which hardly ever fails to end.

Surprise Your Partner

Surprises always work when it comes to increasing the intimacy in a marriage. It will work especially if you give your partner something which they love, wrapped in a beautiful gift wrapper. Surprises play a lot of effect in keeping up the level of intimacy in marriage.

Treat Your Lover

Treating your lover once in a way can surely make the intimacy grow in your marriage. Treat your lover to a days outing or a vacation. Take your partner out on a long ride or even a late night ice cream treat. Small treats matter more.

Cook For Them

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If you cook for your man and he watches you intently, you are sure to see the intimacy grow in your marriage. Fill the stomach and you see the love soaring high. Pleasing men with food is the easiest and most effective way. An effective and efficient method of increasing intimacy.

Give Your Partner Attention

Women love to get all the attention is the world when you give it to them. Do it publicly. It also helps to draw your partner nearer to you. If you haven't applied this method, you better get started. Attention is the simplest form of intimacy. Looking at someone with love is a drug of intimacy.

Get Cosy

One of the best ways to increase the intimacy in your marriage is to get cozy with your partner at every chance you get. Being cozy with your partner helps in a lot of ways. It channelizes the hormones properly. There is always a sexual intensity in between you and your partner and the level just goes up.

Tickle Each Other

Tickling each other can help increase the intimacy between the two of you. By tickling each other you not only make the love grow but also share close physical contact with each other. Tickling is a fun way of being intimate without the feelings of intimacy.

Relive The Good Memories

Talking about the good times will help you grow stronger in love with each other. Share with each other the good memories which made you smile. Talk about the earlier road trips, the memorable pictures, the first date and things that make you and your partner feel happy.

Public Praise Always Work

Public praise will always work for the two of you. If you are in a marriage that is lacking intimacy, public praise will do the trick. Praise your spouse in front of your colleagues and friends and people at random. This not only enhances the happiness of your partner but also makes your partner see the effort.

Eye Contact

Never miss the chance of looking into your lover's eyes. It always draws a certain attraction to each other. It is said that eyes are the pathway to the heart and soul. You can imprint your image and arouse your partner just by admiring her and looking her.

Kisses Should Never Stop!

Now and again kiss your partner whenever you can! Kiss her in intimate zones which will surely increase the intimacy between the two of you. Kisses are a free flow intimacy that can never be replaced in any form.

Watch Your Partner Sleep

One of the most romantic ways to increase your intimacy in the marriage is to watch your partner sleep. Kiss her/his lips while you sleep in each other's arms.

Bear Hugs

Warm bear hugs are one of the perfect ways in which you can let the intimacy grow in your marriage.

Spend Alone Time

This is the best way in which you can create the intimacy in your marriage. Spending time alone will leave you with a lot of options to do naughty stuff.

Create A New Hobby

You need to create a new hobby with just two of you. Driving around or talking a bike ride holding your man tightly can be a start.

These are the 15 signs that help in increasing intimacy in the marriage.

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