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Signs To Show A Relationship Is Fake

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We are all in search of that perfect relationship where we are perfectly compatible with our partner, have no fight and are perpetually happy. But does too much perfection actually mean that your relationship is fake? Sometimes you might end up with fake love in your quest for the perfect relationship.

Real relationships are not perfect. When you are in a real-life relationship, you will have fights, heart aches and ego clashes because all these are natural. If you relationship is fake then it might seem perfect. You never fight, you never even argue. But a fake relationship eventually does not last. After all, for how long can you fake love for a person?

No matter how painful or trouble, a real relationship is always better than fake ones. When you are in a serious relationship, you might see other happy couples and feel that they have a picture perfect life. But always remember, too much perfection is a sign of fakeness.

These are some of the signs to identify a fake relationship.


Public Display Of Affection

Too much public display of affection can mean that you are actually putting up a show for others. Love is a private emotion that need not be displayed in front of others.


No Serious Discussions

A real relationship has heated discussions and debates. You will have different points of view and disagree fervently. But if all you discuss is the colour of your hair or the size of your lingerie, then your relationship is fake.


Do you know each other?

Do you know which is your partner's favourite movie or who is his/her high school crush? If you don't, then you don't know him/her enough to call your relationship real.


No Arguments

Arguments and fights are building blocks of a relationship. Two genuine people are bound to fight unless, they are clones of each other.


Meeting the 'other' family

If you never meet your partner's family or friends, then may be he/she is trying hide you from them. And if you are the one who is trying to avoid the moment of introduction, then your love may be fake.


Together but always with friends

A couple who do not spend time alone are in a fake relationship. If you are always with friends then you are only together when your friends are around.


Bed not breakfast

Have you had breakfast together? Physical intimacy is a part of any genuine relationship. But if he/she shares your bed but does not wait to share breakfast with you, then the relationship is fake.


Did you miss me?

Do you miss your partner at any time of the day? Do you feel the urge to meet him/her? If not, then your feelings for your partner is fake.


Secret in his/her eyes?

If your partner keeps secrets from you, it will be clear from their eyes. A secret relationship can never be real.


Close but distant

Being distant is not the sign of a relationship. You may be distant sometimes when you are pondering or upset. But being distant all the time means that you are not really 'into' the relationship.

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Story first published: Monday, March 25, 2013, 23:52 [IST]
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