Why Women Love Fifty Shades Of Grey?

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Everyone is talking about Fifty Shades Of Grey; not necessarily good things but they are talking nonetheless. The main reason for this is that this novel trilogy has smashed the records of each and every Harry Potter book in United Kingdom. Secondly. Fifty Shades Of Grey is known to have some explosive content. The novel has been described as 'an old fashioned love story' by author E L James. However, there is much more to it.

The basic premise of the novel is about a successful entrepreneur called Christian Grey who likes to physically abuse women. He falls in love with a normal college student Anastasia Steele and she too is intrigued by him. In every logical way, this is an abusive relationship and yet she gets attracted to him.

Grey Trilogy

Despite its controversial nature, women seem to love Fifty Shades Of Grey. Here are some reasons to explain it.

  • Good Guys Are Boring: Unfortunately, the guy who makes an honest living, takes care of his family and comes home on time everyday is very boring. Women just love bad guys. Mafia bosses, gangsters, psychopaths and their unpredictability makes them interesting to women. No wonder they like Grey.
  • Christian Grey Is Rich: Rich is actually an understatement for a man who owns his own helicopter and airplane. Christian Grey is a super rich and has everything that a woman could ever want.
  • He Is Just 27: After all, how often do you come across a 27-year-old billionaire! He is every teen aged girl's dream (excluding his heinous acts of passion). Women love him because he reminds them of their girlhood dreams.
  • He Is Chivalrous: He might be a control freak with an abusive fetish, but Christian Grey is also the kind of guy who will pull a chair for you. Women love chivalry and when they come across a guy who hold the door open for them, they can't resist such a guy easily.
  • Any Woman Can be Anastasia Steele: Having spoken in depth about the guy, lets come to the girl in Fifty Shades Of Grey. Anastasia Steele could be any woman walking on the street. As she is a painfully plain girl, every woman can relate with her. It is like every woman's personal fairytale; only it does not have a happily ever after at the end.
  • There Is Romance Here: Women are incurable romantics and you cannot deny that there is romance in this story. Despite the fact that Christian Grey has some monstrous qualities and Anastasia is a commoner, there is romance in the novel. He chases after her, writes creepy but romantic mails and lends her his plane! What more do you want?

These are some of the very basic reasons for which women seem to love Fifty Shades Of Grey. Do you agree?

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 6, 2012, 14:28 [IST]
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