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5 Reason Why Women Love Possessive Men

Having a possessive man in your life can be a blessing in disguise or a terrible nightmare. It is very hard to say what woman likes in a person. This is because they have a lot of clauses attached to their likes and dislikes. For example, if you ask a lady if she would like a possessive partner she will reply, 'he should be possessive but not over possessive'. This could mean that he should hold my hand around his male friends but should not object to my wearing short dresses.

Dating women is not easy, but you can find some method to madness if you try hard enough.These are 5 universal reasons for which women find possessive men attractive.

What Women Love About Possessive Men:

1. Better to be possessive than indifferent: It is much better for your man to be possessive than being indifferent. If you have guy who hardly gives 2 dimes (what?) about where you go and what you wear, then he is probably not serious about you. Possessiveness comes from love and indicates a caring nature.

2. It is easy to make them jealous: What women love about men who have a possessive nature is that it is easy to make them jealous. Just dance with his best friend for a while and he will be burning red, envy.

3. Easy to get their attention: Most women complain that their partners do not give them all their attention after the relationship becomes old. But if your guy is possessive, it is easy to attract his attention. You do not have to set your hair for an hour or lose weight drastically. Just wear a sexy outfit and he will immediately become protective.

4. Father figures: Most women subconsciously search father figures in their men. It is common for girls to seek the attributes of their fathers in their boyfriends or husbands. Possessiveness is one of the universal attributes of fatherhood.

5. The Masochist Ii you: You will see many smart, intelligent and good looking women suffer from terribly abusive relationships. This is because there is a hidden masochistic side to their personalities. They enjoy the pain of suffering through bad relationships with over possessive partners.

Understanding the dating choices of women is not easy. Do you know any other reason to answer, "Why women love possessive men?"

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 16:08 [IST]
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