7 Ways To Please Your Man On His Day

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Its time to please your man girls. But wait, it is too early for Valentine's day and it may not be your guy's birthday either. So what is the big occasion? Today, 19th of November is International Men's Day. So it is like a special day for all the men in the world. Then would it be fair to leave out the most special man in your life from the celebration?

Most of the time, we think that we are trying to make our man happy, but it does not turn out the way we plan. For once, let us discard our female perspective of what could please our men. As its Men's Day, we should try to think like men, girls.

Men's Day

Here are some ideas to please your man on his special day in a way that would be agreeable with him.

1. Send Out On Dinner With Friends: A romantic candlelight dinner with you may not necessarily make your man happy. Save the romance for yourself. Instead, send him and his cronies out for dinner to a noisy sports-bar.

2. Have Dinner With His Parents: Alright, you don't get along with his family and he with yours. So what, its his day after all. Have dinner his parents and please your man.

3. Take His Mother For Shopping: Men are not very good shoppers themselves. They get bored easily. So on his special day, leave your boyfriend or husband alone and take his mother out for shopping. He will find it touching.

4. Leave The Remote To Him: Most couple have their major fights over who gets the remote control at home. For one day, please your man by letting him watch all the news and sports in the world.

5. No Nagging Day: Men complain that their girlfriends or wives constantly nag them about something or the other. It could be their habit of smoking or just the way they leave their dishes unwashed. Make Men's Day, a no nagging day for him.

6. Go For His Kind Of Movie: Be fair girls, you have dragged him to quite a few silly romantic dramas. For once, watch his kind of a mindless action movie; even if it gives you a headache latter on.

7. Clean Up After Him (Without Fretting): The truth is that most women do clean up after their men. Smelly socks, stinking underwear and crushed clothes are what men leave behind for us. We do the cleaning up job but not with loads of fussing. Just do your job, without complaining and he might even appreciate you for it.

Please your man using these ideas on Men's Day and tell if it works.

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Story first published: Monday, November 19, 2012, 15:58 [IST]
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