Never Fall In Love With A Poor Man!

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Love Story
This is not a love story but a moral story for those who blindly fall in love..

I stay in Bangalore in one of the most posh localities. Both my parents are employed in banks and always busy. This story was a phase of life which still haunts me for many reasons and foolish decisions. Today, I would want to advise all the youngsters (specially college going girls) to think before falling in love.

It is too silly when people say 'love has no status' as love without status is not love at all. Raja, a second semester student from a nearby engineering college became our neighbour. He used to stay with his friends and got very friendly with my brother.

He sometimes came home and got close to our family. In one of our conversation, he told us that he was from Kolkata and will return to his native after studies. Few days later, we exchanged contact numbers and kept chatting all the time.

I liked him and decided to marry after education. When I proposed, I couldn't see any excitement in his eyes. He told me that he comes from poor background and cannot afford a decent lifestyle. I convinced him that I will adjust to his lifestyle although worried.

Months later, my parents decided to fix my marriage with one of our far relatives, I got too scared and told the truth. My parents were extremely angry as he was in no match with our family status and caste. They called him home and warned to leave Bangalore.

That night I met Raja at the grocery store and got to know that he was leaving Bangalore, I promised him that I too would accompany. We eloped from Bangalore and I was soo happy. Our love story was no less a film story.

We reached Kolkata by train and he took me to his house. I was shocked to see the place he lives, it was a slum and the house hardly had doors and walls. I couldn't even change my clothes. There was nothing called a bathroom or toilet. People stood in queues for potty.

The men in the locality always misbehaved. He couldn't even afford a dress for me and I wore his “lungi (dhoti)" to cover my body. Those three months were hell as his mother made me work all day. She even got ready to sell me to the barber shop owner and I thought of killing myself for making such a decision.

Just then, my parents arrived with the Bangalore cops and got me back home. I was too scared of my father but he didn't tell me anything. He sent me to our native place and got me a good education. Today, I am an engineer, married to Arvind (MS from Australia). We have settled in Melbourne and life is no less but heaven.

This valentines day, I thank god and my parents for getting me out of that hell and giving me a new life. Thank you god for everything!!

Story first published: Friday, February 10, 2012, 16:40 [IST]
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