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5 Ways Of Grooming Your Girlfriend

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Everyone wants their girlfriend to be hot. But not every one is lucky to get a girlfriend who is cool and classy. It doesn't matter if your girlfriend is not as hot as you would have liked. The important thing is that you have girl in your life. It is good for your social as well as personal life! Moreover, you can always groom your girlfriend and make her hot.

All you need to have in order to make your girlfriend hot are some smart grooming tips. Mind you, your girlfriend should not come to know that you are trying to groom her into becoming different. So, use these grooming tips with discretion and stealth.

Girlfriend Grooming

1. Get her enrolled at your gym: Most girlfriend are not hot because they are slightly overweight. Can't blame them because the urban lifestyle is making us all unfit. You could tell her that gyming together will give you both some time together. When she loses a couple of inches, she will start liking it anyway.

2. A trip to the salon: If your girlfriend is not the type of girl who visits salon and spas, you have to push her into going to a beauty parlour. So the next time you go for a haircut, choose a unisex salon and take her along. While she is waiting for you to get a haircut, gently suggest that she should get her hair done too!

3. Take her shopping: If you have a problem with your girlfreinds wardrobe, you have to take the responsibility to change it. When she says she is going for shopping, you tell her that you will come along. Now help her choose the clothes that you like and you will make your girlfriend hot in the process.

4. Talk brands to her: There are many people who do not know or rather do not care to know about fashion brands. There is nothing wrong with it but this might make you look a little down market in front of your friends. You cannot force her to buy branded stuff, but you can talk to her about your favourite brands. Tell her why you like these brands and she might change her mind about it.

5. The gift of style: Whenever you are picking a gift for your girlfriend, make sure it is one of the kind. Give her some cool accessories, hot lingerie, sexy watches and stylish bags. She will be obliged to use them because these will be gifted by you. You will eventually realise that your girlfreind has become hot property.

Use these grooming tips intelligently and make your girlfriend hot. Tell us if these tips work for you.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 29, 2012, 14:32 [IST]
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