Do You Feel Lonely In Your Relationship?

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Do you feel lonely inspite of being in a relationship? Do not blame yourself. It is very common to feel lonely in relationships. Loneliness is a state of mind; it has nothing to do with your relationship status. You can feel lonely even when you are at a huge party full of happy people. It is just how distant you feel from others.

Just because you are lonely in the relationship, it does not mean that there is something wrong with the relationship itself. It could be a passing phase or an indication that you need to let go a little.


First, let us take a look at why people feel lonely in relationships?

Lack of Friendship: Most relationships begin with friendship but as the years pass, you start labeling each other as 'husband' and wife'. As a result, you lose out on the easy friendship that you once shared.

Communication Gap: Many couples suffer from severe ego clashes these days. No body wants to take the first step towards communicating with their partner. So, both partners stay shut in the cages of their own egos.

Distance: No matter how much you love your partner, you cannot be with your partner 24x7. You both have work, hobbies and other responsibilities. You need to understand that you cannot have just your lover in your life.

Give Up On Friends: Are you one of those people who gave up on all your friends because you found someone special? Then you are bound to be lonely in a relationship after some time.

How to deal with loneliness in relationships?

Have some friends of your own: There should a set of people who you can call whenever you feel lonely. This gang of friends are your support group. We all need friends so that we do not go insane.

Have a hobby: When your husband or boyfriend goes out to play cricket with his friends, you should not sit at home and fret. Develop a hobby like painting or learn a new language to make your time productive.

Reality check: Are you lonely because you are not able to share your thoughts with your partner? Are you scared of losing your partner? Then there is something wrong with your relationship and you need to do a reality check on the situation.

A communication gap is small but it is the most difficult gap to fill in the world. If you understand this then you will never be lonely in your life.

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Story first published: Friday, November 30, 2012, 17:31 [IST]
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