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Are You Dating Your Neighbour?

Have you seen romance with the neighbour on television? Dating your neighbour is a common love story of various couples. Many movies have used this relationship where the couple stand in their verandahs and exchange expressions. You can fall in love with anyone, any time and anywhere. It can be difficult to survive a love relationship with your neighbour. However, you have the chances to see each other every time and existing familiar relations (if there) make it more easy. So, you might think that dating your neighbour can be fun and lively. Is it true?

Why dating your neighbour is risky?

No Privacy: As you are dating your neighbour, everyone in the neighbourhood can see you checking her/him out and exchanging talks non-verbally. Well, you have no privacy and everyone around get a new topic for gossiping everyday! This can also spoil the beautiful relationship with your neighbourhood girl or boy.

Can't face outcome: If your relationship doesn't work out, facing your ex that too a neighbour can be painful or irritating. Also, facing rejection can make it more difficult to stay in the same area. It is best to think twice before proposing or dating your neighbour.

Lack of space: Dating your neighbour can be risky when you both don't get any space. For a relationship to work our healthy, space is very important. Close proximity and intimacy can spoil the relationship especially in the beginning stage.

Difficult in future: Dating your neighbour is open to all and even if you try to hide it from people around you, it does not stay hidden. After a break up, you might move on, but the past will be revived by the neighbours. Also getting your new partner home can hesitate you because of the presence of your ex love!

Boredom: Most of them get bored of dating their neighbour. All time looking at your love and sharing talk, staring at each other before going out, after waking up, before going to sleep etc... All this can lead to boredom in the love relationship.

These are the most common reasons behind not dating your neighbour.

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Story first published: Monday, December 5, 2011, 16:59 [IST]