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    Top 5 Boyfriend Problems For Girls!

    Boyfriend Problems
    You cannot be with a 'boy' and not have boyfriend problems. The trouble with most men is that they never cease being 'boys'. As men refuse to grow up and we have to live with them, common relationship problems are inevitable. Most of these problems occur because you eat into each others space in relationships. However, there is a solution to all these problems because they all arise out of the typical gender differences that structure your thought processes.

    Here are some relationship tips that can help you deal with your specific boyfriend problems which you will be surprised to know are quite common.

    Top 5 Boyfriend Problems:

    1. He Avoids Real Issues: Men don't like to think too much about their personal lives. They will do all the brain work for other things but at home they want to relax. Your guy will prefer watching television to listening to your list of complains no matter how pressing they are. You have to understand that most common relationship problems happen when people do not discuss issues. So you definitely have to discuss but when he is in a good mood.

    2. He Is Irresponsible: No, he is not. He has just never taken any real responsibility and fears he will fail. It is a law of nature that men mature later than women even if they are of the same age so you need to make space for that factor. He will forget your mother's birthday or even yours, he will turn up at your graduation party in jeans but he is not a bad guy for that. Treat him like you treat a kid and your boyfriend problems are over.

    3. He Spends Too Much Time With His Friends: As a girl you would like to give up everything to be with him. You can give up your job, your own friends and even your parents home but do not expect the same sacrifices from him. The basic nature of men is to protect their 'freedom' vigilantly so they will try not to give up anything for you. Give him space in the relationship and he will come around.

    4. He Doesn't Want To Get Married: No, he doesn't but that does not mean he will never want to. Almost all guys have commitment phobia and it is the most common relationship problem. You only have to make sure that the time he requires to want to get married matches yours roughly. Some men are boys even when they are 40; better to stay away from those.

    5. He Has No Emotions: No, he does; he is just scared or embarrassed to show them. Don't expect him to cry when he makes a serious mistake. It is not easy for men to show emotions because it contradicts their self image but you have to strike that chord of trust with them.

    All these boyfriend problems or rather love problems have solutions. You only need to find them.

    Story first published: Tuesday, October 18, 2011, 18:14 [IST]
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