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Break Up Mistakes To Be Avoided

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Break up, is an end of a relationship. A decision which two people in a relationship take after they have lost all hope of things to work out. People fall in love, decide to stay together, cherish every moment but then with time they change and are no longer made for each other and at that time it becomes a torture to see a changed person struggling to keep up with you. This is the time to call for quits.

Break up is an end of your journey with the person you once loved but is an end possible. Somewhere deep down you are still in love with the person whom you knew earlier, you dream about the happy days and forgot the track of life. For how long? How will it help? Thus, it's important to be strong and avoid these break up mistakes-

1.Hurt Yourself – Many people after end of a relationship don't find a reason to live and hurt themselves. The truth is you are scared to face the world alone, answer questions and making decisions, or might be that you just think you deserve to be sad. The solution is to love yourself. Nobody is more important to you than yourself. It is a selfish statement but it will make you feel better and you won't even get hurt. The relationship you broke out of was just one of the many relations you share in life. You are not alone. There are friends and family members.

2.Stay In Touch – Some people decide to stay friends after break up. This break up mistake only makes things worse. After leaving a relationship you need to close that chapter and move on. Staying in touch will not allow that, you will continue to feel miserable. Don't stay in touch. Out of sight is out of mind, and gradually you will start accepting it, which will make you feel better soon.

4.Gain Sympathy – This break up mistake is the worse as it takes people away from you rather than getting them closer. To share your distress with a friend is acceptable but crying for it every time you meet might just get them bored. Share your distress but don't keep doing it for sympathy sake. Sympathy will only make things worse and hinder your growth in life.

5.To Find New Love – It's human tendency to mistake support and sympathy of the other person to be love. You don't have to find love because you have just lost it. Decisions like this will get you hurt again, as you are surely not in love, it's just the time which is playing games with you. Hold up yourself and live with dignity.

6.Destroying Others Relationship – This is an human tendency and the worst of all break up mistakes. When one loses his/her love, they feel everyone else's relationship is also false. You tend to convince your friend that her minor fight with her boyfriend is grave enough to go for a break up. Many women don't allow their sibling or friend to fall in love because they have faced a break up. That's not right. To fall in love is a beautiful feeling and a good thing. Don't deny them the right to feel it.

Even after an unsuccessful relationship you have the right to live your life the way you want. Committing these break up mistakes will make the situation worse. Give yourself time, stay busy in more important things and you will soon find many reasons to be happy.

Story first published: Friday, December 3, 2010, 15:17 [IST]
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