Valentines Day Timetable

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Do you want to make your valentine feel special on this Valentine's Day? Do you want your partner to cherish this sweet memory forever? Here is the valentines day timetable to make the day most memorable forever.

13 February -
Time: 6 pm - After your daily work get a bouquet of roses of any number 1, 11, 99 or 108 as per its significance and the ordered cake. Hide it under the bed or in the car or anywhere your sweet heart can't think of.

10 pm - sleep early, as you have to wake up after an hour. Set the alarm at 11: 30 P.M (make sure only you can hear it).

11: 30 pm-check whether your sweetheart is sleeping. If yes, then move to the next room without a slightest noise. Set the table in a dramatic way with roses and a candle burning at the center. Place a flavored cake and some chocolates that she/ he loves. Fill the room with sweet fragrance by spraying a room spray.

14 February -
12:00 am -Wake your sweetheart with a romantic kiss that will drive away her/his sleep. Take her/him to the decorated room by closing his/her eyes.

12:10 am- Time for celebration. Get down on one bended knee, give the roses, by stating the most promising words, "For my sweet valentine forever." Get creative cut the cake with a sweet song being played at the back. Whisper the magic words "I love you" every time you get the chance. You can even memorize the magical words in different languages and tell the person to give a charm to the celebrations.

12:45 am- Time for romance. You know what to do next. Do not prolong for long. Remember 14th February this year is a working day and you have to get back to work at the tick of the day. However if you are planning to take an off, then go on nothing can stop you.

If Working:
7:00- 9:00 am- Make a point to do everything together whether it is the shower or the breakfast. Get your sweetheart dressed in your favourite attire. Drop the person to the office. Do not forget to give a lasting kiss until you meet him/ her later in the day.

9:00 - 1:00pm - Get back from the valentine mood and concentrate in your work, lest you get a bad note from your team for spoiling the day.

1:00- 2:00 pm - Give a surprise. Drive back to your sweet heart's office with the preplanned gift. The valentine gift may be anything that she/he was longing for. Drive her to the nearby restaurant for a lunch (remember to book it in advance.)

2:00 - 6:00 pm - Back work again. Mail the best valentine love stories to your sweetheart during the break to keep the valentine mood going.

6:00 - 7:00 pm - Go back home together. Stop at your favourite Coffee Shop or restaurant and have a quick bite.

7:00 - 800 pm - Get the dinner ordered at home and some video CD's to watch till late night (Remember to get what your partner likes whether it is food or the CD).

11:00 pm - Back to bed. Recollect the sweet memories, all about your first date, your first kiss, first candle night dinner.... and everything that will make your partner smile.

If on leave:
7:00- 9:00 am- Make a point to do everything together whether it is the shower or the breakfast. Get your sweetheart dressed in your favourite attire

10:00 -6:00 pm- Drive in to the nearest valentine destination, or a Water Park whichever your partner would love to. Go to a place where you can spend the whole day and there is no one to disturb. Share the valentine stories that your sweetheart is not aware of.

6: 00- 7: 00 pm -the day can end the same way as the above.
Make your beloved feel the special love on the special day with these ideas. You can write to us and share your ideas too.

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