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Born In February? Your Birthday In The Month Of Love Will Reveal Your Personality Traits

The second month of the new year is here and it is cold and chilling! February is also known as the month of Love and therefore, we all have very high expectations from this month. Therefore, for people who are single and yet to find their loved ones, we have curated something special for you that will make your day brighter.

People born in the month of February are fascinating and special and here is what you need to look out for if you are planning to go on a date or heading for a serious relationship!

In general, February borns are vibrant and curious. They are born intellectual and are highly conscious beings. Their company is infectious and their personality works like a charm on other people. They are very private people and do not like to spill beans about their personal life in public. They are extremely patient and calm which let them break through all challenges and cross difficult situations with ease. Even though some of them can be egoistic, others can have immense self-control and grasping power. To know them better we have segregated the month of February into three weeks so that we can have a better understanding of their personality traits.

People Born Between 1-10 February - Humorous, Creative And Honest

You love to socialise and always look for a deep connection. You also have a good sense of humour that makes you very interesting. You are flexible and therefore, adjusting to new situations is just like a cakewalk for you. You are very creative and honest which makes people fall for you. In times of crisis, you are able to analyse a situation in an unbiased manner and find a solution. You have amazing imagination power and therefore, you will flourish in the field of education. You approach people with a logical mind and appreciate good conversations.

People Born Between 11-20 February- Impulsive And Romantic

You have an amazing cupid power which makes others attracted towards you. You are very romantic and love to be in a relationship. However, sometimes you can be the reason of problems in your relationship. You do not accept mistakes always which can create further issues. You live the life of implausibility and due to think you get less time to reflect on your life or celebrate it when required.

People Born Between 21-29 February- Stubborn, Dominating And Intellectual

You aim for a single goal and don't stop unless you have achieved it. You are very stubborn and therefore, it is difficult for some people to be with you. You may also underestimate yourself sometimes. Your luck will favour you in your sixties. You are very romantic and you also believe in selfless knowledge. You are extremely curious and have high imagination skills. You also love to connect with nature. You also rely very much on your sixth sense and therefore, you are able to read someone's mind very easily. You connect with others on a deeper level.

Lucky Colours, Stones Of February Born People

Black, Blue and Indigo are the lucky colours for people born in February. Emerald (Panna) and Blue Sapphire (Neelam) are considered perfect for you.

Celebrities Born In February

Steve Jobs, Abhishek Bachchan, Shahid Kapoor, Madhubala, Ashutosh Gowarikar, Puja Bhatt, Bhagyashree, Shahid Kapoor, Sanya Malhotra, Prakash Jha, Kavi Kumar Vishwas.

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