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What To Do When Your Spouse Is Not Willing To Cook

People might take cooking and relationship as two different ideas which are not relatable to each other. But the truth is cooking and relationship go hand-in-hand. Cooking allows couples to bring in creativity and strengthen their relationship. But what if your spouse doesn't like to cook or help you with cooking?

Well, we have some tips for you.

1. Do Not Nag

When you see your spouse is not willing to cook, you need to handle things smartly. Nagging and complaining won't make him/her realise that you are upset over his/her decision of not cooking. Your nagging and complaints might fall on deaf ears or might bring fights in your relationship.

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2. Find Out The Reason

Instead of complaining and nagging, you can talk to your partner about his/her unwillingness to cook. This will help you to figure out the problem. You will be able to know if your partner knows how to cook, is unable to differentiate the different spices or considers cooking as a waste of time. Without knowing the actual reason, you won't be able to find a solution.

3. Look For A Solution

Once you are aware of the problem, you and your partner can look for a solution or a compromise. Both of you can sit and take a mutual decision on the issue.

4. Fix A Schedule

You and your partner can mutually decide a schedule where both of you can cook 5 days a week and dine out or order food on weekends. Or you might agree that one of you will cook in the morning and the other will cook at night. This can save you from fighting over cooking and will also bring you the opportunity to taste each other's recipes. The cooking schedule should be flexible i.e., if one among you two is sick then the other should cook.

5. Don't Ask For Help

Asking for help occasionally is fine but if you ask for your partner's help in cooking every single time, then your partner might feel that cooking is your job and therefore, you should be bothered for it. As a result, they won't feel the need to take an initiative to cook.

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Instead of asking for help, you can say, "Honey it is been so long since you cooked XYZ recipe for me" or "I really miss the recipe you made last week. I feel like having it once again." This encourages your partner to step into the kitchen and cook something delicious.

6. Appreciate Your Partner's Effort

Even if your partner didn't cook well, you shouldn't shout at him/her. You can give your feedback in a calmer way as well. For example, you can say, "I think a pinch of salt will add more taste to the food" or "You really gave your best but putting the recipe on the flame for 5 more minutes will enhance the taste." In this way, you won't be hurting the sentiments of your partner and will sound encouraging.

Story first published: Thursday, August 22, 2019, 16:30 [IST]
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