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What To Do When You Are In Love With Two People: 10 Tips That Will Help You

Love means having passionate affection for another person and there is no rule book for romantic relationships. Also, love can have different meanings for different people. While many are comfortable with the idea of a single soulmate, some prefer multiple romantic partners. Also, loving someone doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot develop feelings for someone else. So, if you are in a relationship and have a sudden emotional eruption for another person, it can be confusing at times.

10 tips that will come in handy if you are in love with two people.

1. Be Straightforward With Your Feelings

When it becomes hard to handle your emotions, be honest with yourself first. If you are dating two people at the same time and yet are not sure about your feelings, then it is better to take a step back and process your feelings first. If you are planning to go forward with both relationships, then discuss how you feel about both of your partners. If one of the partners does not agree, give them time and space to make their own choices and reassess things.

2. Comparing Two Partners Is Not Cool

Getting attracted to a person and staying with that person are two very different things. If you are in love with two people and suddenly you feel strong emotions for one person, then it may get difficult to plan something with the other one. Do not compare these two people, not even in your head. Balance it out and focus equally on two people. This will ensure that you and your partners grow individually in their own spaces. The best part is it will allow the relationship to develop as well.

3. Spend Quality Time With Each Partner

When it comes to loving someone, everyone has their own set of preferences. Dealing with two people at the same time can be emotionally exhausting but you need to do this for your sake and for your partner. This will ensure you respect both of them and also understand how the other person feels about you. Also, you can control your feelings if the other person cannot. Caring for other people doesn't mean you will compromise your feelings.

4. Control Your Jealousy As Much As Possible

This is one of the biggest challenges when you are in love with two people. When you cannot choose between the two people you love, it is better to see and understand life from their perspective. Clarity is extremely important for everyone who is a part of this relationship. The idea is to give them space even if either of your partners want to date or spend time with someone else. Do not control their behaviour, and do not get controlled by them either.

5. Navigate Through Your Current Situation

When you are in a relationship with two people, sitting with them individually and talking about your partner can be quite tempting. Before going ahead, understand the pros and cons and only rule out someone if you want to. Hiding your true feelings from either one of them and not keeping them in the loop and be devastating for either of them. You can keep all the life-changing choices for later, and focus more on the present situation.

6. Don't Play Games

Your love life is not a game, therefore, do not turn your partners against each other if you are not able to handle your situation. It may appear challenging but there is also a way out of it. All you need to do is first communicate openly to your partners, draw a line and find a balance.

7. Take A Cue From A Trusted Friend

When in doubt, you can share the issue with a friend or a family member who is good at keeping secrets. Also, learning from someone who had similar experiences can help you as well. Also, getting professional help is useful in this situation. A relationship coach can surely come in handy. This will help you to process the relationship problems in a far better manner and deal with your feelings on a personal level.

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