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Valentine Week 2021: Tips To Make Your Partner Trust You

Do you feel that your relationship is going through tough times just because your partner doesn't trust you at all? Have you ever tried to figure out why your partner doesn't trust you? We are sure you may want your partner to trust you. While you are eager to know how you can make your partner trust you, it is important to know that building trust is not a cakewalk. You may need to do various things to build trust in your relationship. On the occasion of Valentine's Week and Valentine's Day, here are 7 tips to help you build trust in your relationship.

1. Practice Commitment For Having An Honest Conversation

One of the most common reasons why couples have trust issues is that they never indulge in effective and honest conversation. They either hide things from each other or try to avoid the conversation. If you have decided to make your partner trust you or rebuild the trust in your relationship, the first thing that you need to do is have honest and open conversation with your partner. Let there be room for questions and genuine answers.

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2. Never Say Things Just For The Sake Of Saying

If you always say things just for the sake of saying, then you need to stop doing the same as soon as possible. It is essential that you say what you mean. For example, if you can't fulfill any promises, then there's no point in making one and giving expectations to your partner. Saying things like, 'you are the most beautiful person I ever met in my life' while you always check out other people can put your relationship through hard times. If you mean it, say it else let it be.

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3. Respect Your Partner

Respect is one of the biggest factors that determine the longevity and spark of any relationship. If you don't respect your partner, his/her choices, personal space, family, friends, thoughts and opinions, your partner will eventually lose trust in you. He/she may then no longer feel being in a relationship with you. So if you want your partner to trust you, then it is important that you learn to respect him/her in true sense.

4. Seek And Grant Forgiveness

Seeking apology when you have done something wrong, is an important step towards making your partner trust you. If you have done something wrong, then you need to realise your mistake and tell your partner that you are sorry for the same. On the other hand, if your partner did something wrong, then you need to avoid being ruthless and stay angry for a long time. Practicing forgiveness can always help you in building trust in your relationship.

5. Allow Your Partner To Have His/Her Personal Space

Intruding the persona space of your partner can be one of the reasons why your partner doesn't trust you at all. Every human needs his/her personal space to feel good and energised. When you let your partner utilise his/her me-time without any disturbance, it automatically creates a trust level in your relationship. This is because your partner begins to see the goodness in you.

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6. Express Your Feelings To Your Partner

If you are someone who never expresses his/her emotions and feelings, then this can affect the trust level between you and your partner. Just because you never voice what's in your heart, your partner may not have any idea of if you love him/her not. So expressing love is also an essential thing if you want your partner to trust you.

7. Avoid Hiding The Truth From Your Partner

Let's get this right, hiding the truth from your partner is a huge red flag for your relationship. When you hide things from your partner, it clearly shows that you do not trust your partner and thus he/she may not trust you. Think about a situation where your partner would have hid things from you. You wouldn't have felt right, isn't it? So, if you often hide things from your partner, then you need to stop this habit and try to maintain transparency in your relationship.

A relationship works well when both the partners are equally involved and are ready to work for it. When you and your partner are truly into each other, the trust will automatically stay in your relationship. So, rather than satisfying your ego and considering your partner good for nothing or inferior, learn to treat each other with love, care and respect.