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Toxic Partner Alert: 9 Tell-Tale Signs That You Must Not Ignore

At times, people do not realise that they are with a toxic partner who first pretended as a loving and caring one. After all, people usually don't exhibit their flaws in the first few meetings. Your partner's negative thoughts, opinions and flaws are only visible when you start spending more and more time with your partner. One may cross the line of a healthy relationship and turn towards an unhealthy relationship in no time. There could be times when you may find some of his/her behaviours a bit toxic.

Well, there are some signs that can help you understand if your partner is a toxic person. Scroll down the article to read more.


1. Your Partner Is Always Controlling

One of the telltale traits of a toxic partner is that he/she is controlling. A toxic partner would control your life in an ugly manner. He/she would keep you alienated from your family members and friends,control your choices, likes and dislikes. He/she can be controlling by exhibiting emotionally, verbally and physically abusive behaviour. You may feel an unequal balance of authority in your relationship.


2. Your Partner Often Criticises You

Making constructive criticism in a relationship is a positive thing. This helps the couple improve themselves and evolve as better humans. However, criticising your partner all the time, without even appreciating their efforts and determination, shows a lack of respect. If your partner always makes negative comments about you and is overly critical, then this could be a sign that he/she is toxic.


3. Your Partner Doesn’t Trust You Completely

No relationship can withstand the test of time if there's a lack of trust between the couple. You know there's a problem when your partner never trusts you, even if you always try to stay honest with him/her. Your partner may doubt you for things that don't even exist: blaming you for cheating on them or ignoring them. Your partner may even go through your phone to ensure if you are lying.


4. Your Partner Is Just A Taker

In a relationship, it is important for both individuals to put in equal efforts. But if you are the one making sacrifices and doing things to keep him/her happy, without getting anything in return, it shows your partner is toxic. It is obvious for couples to be considerate of each other; however, if your partner always belittles you, does nothing for you, makes you sabotage your needs and wants, then you could be with the wrong person.


5. Your Partner Often Compares You With Others

Does your partner often compare with others? Does your partner ask you to dress up or behave like someone they like or admire a lot? If yes, then this could be a sign that he/she is toxic and this is a red flag that you must not ignore.


6. Your Partner Lacks Empathy And Compassion

One of the ways of showing empathy and compassion in a relationship is by supporting and caring for each other. But if your partner lacks this, he/she may do or say things that may hurt your sentiments. In fact, your partner may not care about your opinions, beliefs, thoughts and emotions. This itself says that your partner could be a toxic human being.


7. Your Partner Doesn’t Let You Have Financial Independence

One of the signs that your partner is toxic could be his/her reluctance to let you have financial independence. Your partner may say you don't need to earn money- he/she would also monitor and control your expenses. But at the same time keep his/her income and expenses hidden from you.


8. Your Partner Always Lies To You

Trust is one of the strongest foundations of any relationship. For a relationship to be healthy, both individuals need to stay honest with each other. But if your partner always lies to you and keeps secrets from you, then this could be a problem. You may reach a point in your relationship where you would find it difficult to trust your partner. This could be because your partner has a habit of lying to you and this is another sign he/she is toxic.


9. Your Partner Never Accepts His/Her Mistakes

Even if your partner has committed a mistake and knows the same, he/she wouldn't care to take the responsibility. Instead, he/she would shift the blame on your head. he/she would say things to make you believe that you were the one at fault and therefore, you should be blamed. If this happens, each and every time, then this clearly shows that your partner is toxic.

Story first published: Tuesday, July 13, 2021, 17:00 [IST]