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8 Things To Discuss About Your Past Relationships With Your Partner

This is an ongoing debate and we haven't found any fixed answer to this question, whether or not you should tell our partner about your past relationship(s). Currently, you might be in a relationship that is full of love, fun and excitement, so the question is why do you need to tell about your ex partner(s) to your current partner?

It is needless to say that hiding things from your partner could result in severe trust issues in your relationship. Revealing secrets to your partner might reduce the chances of misunderstandings in your relationship or you might think that hiding few things might keep the relationship healthy. But if you do want to share everything about your past relationship(s) to your partner and wondering how to break the ice, here's how you could start.

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1. Be Straightforward About Your Past

No beating around the bushes! Just be straightforward with your partner. Though it might seem a bit weird to talk about your past relationship, talking about the same could help you in many ways. Your partner would take it as a positive sign. He/she would consider you as an honest and trustworthy person and your partner would appreciate the way you came up with the truth. This would show that you have moved on from your past relationships. Moreover, this would eliminate any chances of misunderstandings


2. Any Traumatic Incident From The Past

If you have faced a traumatic event in your past, talking about the same with your partner could bring back haunted memories. Or for some it can be like removing a heavy emotion from the chest. You might never want to recall that trauma but letting your partner know about it could help you in moving on from the dreadful incident. Think about a situation where your partner is unaware of the trauma and something similar happens to you. How would you manage and won't it be difficult for your partner to help you? You could share the events once you feel comfortable with your partner.


3. Your Current Mental Health

There can be times that you might not want to talk about your health issues with your partner as you fear them judging you. But talking about your mental health issues with your partner or someone you know quite well is quite important and crucial. You don't have to feel shy or embarrassed about having any mental health issues. This is important that you let your partner know if there are any serious ailments.


4. Incidents That May Have Led To Depression

Depression and anxiety are some of the serious issues faced by a majority of the world's population. Initially, you might find it difficult to have an open conversation about the reason behind your depression and anxiety. When you talk about your cause of depression with your partner then he/she could ensure that you do not go through the same. He/she would make sure that you do not face what you did in the past.


5. Reasons Behind Your Break Ups

While you are letting your partner know about your past life, you could also have a discussion on the cause of the breakup with your partner. If you ever had any relationship in the past and it ended up due to some reasons, talking about it with your partner could be an advisable thing to do. You could also discuss if you have moved on from your breakup and if there's anything that still bothers you.


6. If You Had Any Major Injury

Whether it is a head or back injury, you could talk about it with your partner while discussing your past relationship. Though you might find it weird, talking about it could help your partner in knowing if you need any help or medical assistance in the future. Moreover, this way your partner would be able to know more about your emotional and physical health.


7. Your Unstable Financial Situation

Talking about your current financial situation is one of the important things that you need to share with your partner. You could let your partner know if you have taken any debt in the past or what is your credit score. In order to have a healthy and happy relationship, it is important that you discuss your financial condition with each other. This is because it would help you in knowing if you are financially compatible with each other.


8. Any Ongoing Conflict(s)

If there's any conflict that's going on in your life, then you need to discuss the same with your partner. It could be anything such as if you had a tiff with your manager, cousin or landlord. This way your partner would be able to know your problems and extend you a helping hand.

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It is not that you need to open up about your life as soon as you get into the relationship. But talking about a few things during the initial days of your relationship could ensure happiness and love.

Story first published: Thursday, July 9, 2020, 15:27 [IST]