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Signs That You Are Too Emotionally Dependent On Your Partner

Love can be a motivating factor towards greater achievements and can inspire you to be a better version of yourself, but it should not be prioritised over yourself in life. If you do, it may quickly turn into a demanding and needy attitude that would be hard to bear with. Relationships need physical and emotional closeness but taken beyond a level, they might suffocate the partner and push them away from the relationship itself.

When one gets romantically attached to someone and enters the deeper phase of a relationship, one tends to get emotionally dependent on their partner. It ranges from sharing your problems with your partner as well as expect the participation of the partner in every small thing that you do. Sometimes the dependency goes out of hand, to a harmful extent.

Clinginess is resisting separation by grasping onto something. Romantically speaking, it denotes a need for heavy and compulsory reassurance from their partner when they are in a relationship. The clingy partner seeks repeated promises in their relationship no matter how attached their partner is. It comes from the desire to fulfil their needs, on all levels from their partner. There are signs that will tell if you or your partner is too emotionally dependent.

1. You don't engage in any activities alone

If you are able to go through your routine activities easily without the presence of your partner, it shows that you are being emotionally independent. It is when you feel you need their support while doing some of the routine tasks, that you will be considered clingy, This habit can ruin the peace of both of you and so it is high time you changed that attitude into something more acceptable.

2. You feel lonely without a partner

You surely love the company of your partner, but simultaneously you have a world of your own that you live in most of the time. If you are clingy, then you would find yourself very lonely. Then It feels unbearable to be without your partner even for a moment and you may feel restless as well. You may also harass them with repeated phone calls if that is the case.

3. You take your partner's consent in everything

Sometimes, overdependency forces you to take the approval of your partner for every single task that you do. If your partner refuses to do something which you are badly wanting to do, you will find this intolerable. All this shows that you have grown too dependent on your partner to such an extent that you do not want to make them unhappy under any circumstances.

4. You message or call your partner throughout the day

Since you are too emotionally dependent on your partner, it would be a difficult proposition even to spend a minute alone without him, her or they. In case the partner is away at that juncture, you keep texting or calling him continuously which upsets him naturally. This is a sign of clinginess and you need to check this and get rid of it.

5. You are controlling your partner's social life too much

Controlling your partner to an impossible limit is also a sign of clinginess. When you are too close to someone, even the thought of losing them haunts you. In that case, you try to get doubly possessive about them and start controlling them, Upi may also not like them socializing much and you keep an eye on their every activity.

Story first published: Sunday, November 27, 2022, 17:14 [IST]
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