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Relationship Burnout Alert! 8 Telltale Signs That You Must Not Ignore

Relationship burnout is one of the serious issues that can arise between couples. At times, it can create a distance between you and your partner. Those who don't know, the term burnout refers to the stage where you feel exhausted and disinterested in something you were once doing with great enthusiasm.

So when we say relationship burnout we mean a phase where you seem to have lost the passion for your relationship. You no longer enjoy going out with your partner or spending some quality time with him/her. Even though you stay together under the same roof, you often feel that you are distant from each other.

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Having a relationship burnout can be a depressing thing, especially when you have invested your time and emotions into the relationship. Often couples fail to recognise the signs of a relationship burnout and unknowingly navigate their relationship towards a dead end. Therefore, it becomes essential to identify the signs of relationship burnout and mend things before it's too late. To know more, scroll down the article to read.


1. You Feel Detached From Your Partner

This is one of the initial signs of relationship burnout. You no longer feel the same for your partner. Despite knowing that you are in a relationship with each other, you do not feel attached to your partner as you did in the beginning of the relationship. There can be times when you won't feel bad for not contacting each other or staying away for days. Not only this, but you may even start wondering if you deserve someone better.


2. You Find Your Relationship Exhausting

There can be times when your relationship may seem annoying and exhausting to you. It may make you feel emotionally drained out. As a result, you may crave spending some ‘me-time'. There can be times when you may wonder what convinced you to be in a relationship with your partner. In fact, you may even stop putting in the necessary efforts into the relationship.


3. You No Longer Feel Like Going On Dates

Remember those times when you used to be excited for going on dates with your love interest. One of the signs of a relationship burnout is when you become least excited about going out on dates or do not feel the need to plan one. Not only this, but you may also try to come up with some lame excuses for escaping the dates. Moreover, you may not feel guilty for denying going on a date with your partner.


4. You Find Your Partner’s Habits Annoying

Another telltale sign of a relationship burnout is that you start getting annoyed by your partner's behaviour and quirks. The behaviour which once seemed cute and sweet to you, now feels annoying. You may even ask your partner to change his/her behaviour just because you don't like them. There could be times when you may yell at your partner for having a particular quirk. If this is the case with you, then it's quite obvious that you are going through a relationship burnout.


5. You Feel Emotionally Exhausted

It is obvious for people to have an emotional exhaustion after their breakup. They may not want to get back into any relationship and won't feel like meeting potential partners. But if you are facing the same thing while being in the relationship, then this could be a sign of relationship burnout. You may lack emotional energy and do not feel like being with your partner.


6. You Are No Longer Excited For Spending Time With Your Partner

Despite your partner trying his/her best to spend some quality time together, you may try to look for ways to avoid spending time with your partner. Even though you reluctantly agree to spending some quality time together, you may seem to be least interested in it. In fact, you may crave for some ‘me-time' and would ask your partner to leave you alone.


7. You Often Fight With Your Partner

If the fights between you and your partner have increased considerably, then this may not be a good sign. You may fight on little things without any strong reason. You may tend to pick up fights on every single thing. For example, you may fight for not being able to find your spectacles or seeing your partner busy on the phone. Apart from fighting, you may not be able to patch up as you used to do before.


8. You Are Experiencing Dry Spell

There can be times when a couple may go through a dry spell due to some reasons. For example, they may not be in the same city, are facing some health issues or are quite busy in their respective work life. But if you are experiencing a decrease in your libido just because you are constantly annoyed by your partner or are doubting your choice, then this could be a sign of relationship burnout. Even though your partner tries his/her best to end the dry spell you may not feel the same. In fact, you may not feel bad for not having the same physical and emotional intimacy.

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If you relate to most of the above-mentioned points, then it is pretty obvious that you are having a relationship burnout. In this case, it is important for you to analyse if you really want to continue in this relationship. But it is advisable to avoid taking any decision under the influence of your emotions. Think about all the good and bad aspects of your relationship before you reach any conclusion.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 15:45 [IST]