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The Secret To A Happy Work Life Is To Invest More Into Our Relationships

There are so many theories that tell us the secret of having a successful work life. For some people, it is a reputed designation or a sizable salary. However, there is one more factor that affects a person's performance at work and that is 'relationship'.

Rob Cross, Professor of Global Leadership at Babson College, post his interview with 160 people from different industries and designations, says, ''My colleagues and I found again and again that flourishing in your career depends as much on your relationships, both in and out of work, as it does on your job itself. People whose work is mundane or demanding are just as likely to feel satisfied and fulfilled as those with fun or inspiring jobs if they proactively invest in relationships that nourish them and create a sense of purpose.''

According to a study report published in The Royal Society Journal, ''Social connections play a central role in fostering a sense of purpose and well-being in the workplace''.

Rob Cross and his colleagues found ''many of the people transformed their careers and live through their relationships.'' They found most of the people were unable to cope with their personal and professional life stress. They were unable to prioritize things.

People, especially at the senior position, were trapped in between their personal and professional priorities. This decreased their efficiency at work which in return increased their stress level.

Why People Can't Prioritize Things

When people get new responsibilities at their workplace, they tend to spend more time at work and less time at home. In such a case, professional goals overshadow personal goals.

Initially, people might think, "Okay I am giving my best at my workplace. It is good for me and my career." But after a certain time, the same people feel they are not giving enough time to their partners. This affects their relationships.

Once these people are disturbed due to conflicts and lack of communication in their relationships, they feel difficult to focus on their work. They become restless and feel trapped.

On the contrary, if a person is giving sufficient time to his/her relationship, the person has mental and emotional satisfaction. Having a happy and healthy relationship outside work helps the person to widen his/her perspective and explore the different aspects of identity. This identity never goes up and down with how smooth or harsh the work life is. The person is then able to focus on work and have a healthy work life.

Is It Necessary To Invest In Relationship?

If you want to have a healthy and satisfactory work life, you should always invest in your relationship. When we say about investing in the relationship, it is in terms of spending quality time with your partner.

Getting indulged in two or more non-work activities along with the partner can help people in relieving the stress in a better way. This can make you happy and then you will be going to work the next day with a smiling face. You will be then focusing on your work as you won't be having stress outside your work. Your mind will be aware of the fact that after the day gets over, you will be having a happy moment with your favourite person.

In other words, investing in the relationship is a better way to make sure you go to work with a happy and energetic mind as compared to running on a treadmill.

How To Invest In Relationship

  • Pick an activity: The best way to be able to spend time with your partner and relieve work stress is to get into an activity. It can be anything such as cooking, jogging, watching a movie together or going on shopping. There could be so many things that you and your partner love doing together.
  • Give your 100%: Don't get involved in activities just for the sake of doing it. If you are indulging into an activity, make sure you are fully dedicated. This will help you to revitalize your mental energy.
  • Schedule things in a better way: When in office, people give 90% of their time in communicating, collaborating and meeting with colleagues. This is a good thing. But when the office hours are over, people should focus on leaving their office talks and other stuff. They should try to spend the rest of the time with their partner.

There is no denying that we look for a job which fulfils our professional goals. But sometimes we ignore our relationship. One should understand, it is people who help us to achieve our goals. Our partners motivate us to move ahead and work for our dreams. By valuing our relationships and buffering against what distances us from our relationships, we can seek satisfaction at our workplace.