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Feeling Bitter After Being Cheated On? 7 Ways To Leave Behind Grudges

Nothing can be worse than being cheated on by your partner. We understand, moving on after a breakup is not that easy but overcoming the pain of being cheated is tough. There are anger and resentment, which makes it difficult for us to see the happiness around us. It is obvious to feel bitter after you catch your partner cheating on you. Not only this, you may feel emptiness followed by anger on the person you loved with dedication and honesty.

Though you will never want to forgive your partner for the betraying your trust, you need to understand that you are making yourself vulnerable by holding on to grudges or hard feelings in your heart.

No doubt, you may be surrounded by all sorts of negative emotions, but it is never a wise decision to feel bitter and resentful even when your relationship has ended. It is better that you move on as soon as you can and therefore, we are here with some tips that can help you in overcoming the bitterness and pain of betrayal.

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1. It's Not Your Fault Always

The first and foremost thing that you need to do after being cheated on, is to avoid blaming yourself. It wasn't your fault and therefore, there is no point in blaming yourself. It was your partner who cheated and thus, this was beyond your control. You don't have to feel sorry as the person who cheated on you has lost a trustworthy and loving partner.


2. Accept The Truth

You cannot go back in time and change your past right? Then it is best that you accept the truth and move on with your life. You need to value yourself and see your happiness as a priority. Also, you need to acknowledge that it is you who is going back to what happened and making yourself feel miserable. Rather than hoping for a miracle, it is advisable to make a fresh start.


3. It Is Not Wise To Hurt Yourself

It is obvious to feel angry and express your emotions by screaming and crying. But then you need to understand that you are hurting yourself. Though your partner betrayed your feelings and emotions, you are hurting yourself in a worse manner. We are not saying it is wrong to cry and express your agony, but drowning in your own pain is not a wise thing to do. Stand up and there will be so many good things you can add in your life.


4. Talk With Your Close Friends And Well-Wishers

One of the best ways to stop feeling bitter after being cheated on is by reaching out to your trustworthy friends and well-wishers. Your friends will surely come to rescue you from the heartbreaking incident without judging you for even a second. Also, you will have someone to listen to you and support you.


5. Analyse Why Your Partner Cheated On You

You can also think of analysing what went wrong and why your partner cheated on you. You can confront your partner to know what made him/her cheat on you. While you are confronting your partner, make sure you are listening to whatever they are saying. Once your partner is done explaining, you can analyse the situation on your own to decide if you want to continue in the relationship.


6. Learn A Lesson From Past Mistakes

Now that you have known the reasons due to which your partner cheated on you, it is advisable to take a lesson from that cheating episode. This will help you to avoid any similar instances in your future relationships. Also, you will be able to evolve into a better and emotionally strong human.


7. Find What Makes You Happy

You need to understand that you have a choice to accept the truth and move on in your life. Staying glued to the bitter feelings and heartbreak will never help you to move on. For this, you can try to find what makes you happy and avoid going back to the memory lanes of your relationship. You can instead explore things around you and have a fresh start in your life. Reading books, volunteering at shelter homes and spending some quality time with your family will help you in the long run.

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We understand things can be difficult for you but then you will have to make a choice to move on. Holding on to grudges will never bring any positive outcome in your relationships. Therefore, it is better if you walk out of the gloominess and embrace happiness around you.

Story first published: Friday, February 14, 2020, 16:30 [IST]