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7 Ways To End A Dry Spell In Your Relationship And Have A Healthy Sex life

When was the last time your partner and you were involved in passionate lovemaking? Was it long ago? Or don't you even remember when it happened? Well, then this is a clear sign that your relationship is going through a dry spell.

A dry spell in a relationship is a situation where couples don't engage in sexual acts for a long time. There can be instances when you and your partner might not have sex for days or even weeks if both are living in different cities, one of you is ill, or if you are in that relationship for a long time. But if you are living together and are still going through a dry spell for a long time, you must look into the matter.

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Fret no more, because we have brought some tips that can help you end the dry spell and have an amazing sex life with your partner.


1. Talk About It With Your Partner

If you are eager to end the dry spell and rekindle your sex life, then the first thing that you need to do is talk with your partner. Without having an effective conversation, you might not be able to figure out the problem. You can ask what your partner thinks about the dry spell. Is he or she worried and frustrated with the ‘no-sex' days? If yes, it is time for you to figure out a solution.


2. Sort Out All The Misunderstandings

If there is any misunderstanding between you and your partner, then it is better to sort them out and have a fresh start. It is better to seek forgiveness to save a relationship than meeting a dead end over a silly misunderstanding. Let your partner know that you love him or her no matter what. This will surely make things better.


3. Make An Emotional Connection

In order for the physical connection to work, you need to have an emotional connection with your partner. Ending a dry spell doesn't mean you have to jump onto the bed with your partner and get on with the action. Since both of you have been going through a dry spell, it would be better to first establish a strong emotional connection and then work towards renewing the sexual connection.

For this, you can try to understand your partner's needs and show care and love towards your partner. You need to show respect towards your partner and value their emotions.

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4. Bring On Something New

Rather than having sex the old way, why not try something new to end the dry spell? We are not saying you need to invent a new way of lovemaking, but you can at least groom yourself in a way that pleases your partner.

For this, you can buy new lingerie (if you are a woman) or have your hairs trimmed or shaved; also, work out to make your body look more appealing. Trying to be a bit naughty while your partner is around can also be a new thing. Leave sensual and sweet messages for your partner; this can be followed by flirting. After all, being in a relationship doesn't mean you can't flirt with your partner.


5. Let Foreplay Do The Magic

Many couples tend to skip the foreplay and jump right into the lovemaking part. They might think foreplay is a waste of time. However, this is not true. Foreplay can actually spice up your lovemaking session; it is during the foreplay that you get to know your partner and his or her preferences. You can show your love and passion for each other through intense foreplay that can help you achieve lasting sexual pleasure.


6. Make A Tour Plan

If you think you and your partner need a change of scene to start over your sex life, what could be better than a trip together? Going on a trip will not only give you the opportunity to explore a new place, but will also let you enjoy some private moments with your partner. You can use the new surroundings to end the dry spell.

Couples who have children or who are living in joint families can make the best use of their alone time without any interventions.


7. Let There Be Quality Rather Than Quantity

One of the reasons your relationship is going through a dry spell is the lack of quality in your sex life. Many people think having sex more often can help in leading a healthy sex life. However, this is not true for all couples. To have a healthy sex life, you need to focus on quality. You should try to understand your partner's desires and make sure that both of you are having a great time.

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A relationship is all about knowing each other and loving each other despite the flaws. If you and your partner have learned how to express love and bring out the best in the other person, then your relationship can stay untouched by problems like a dry spell.