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    Love Story : When Love Blossoms In The Four Walls Of The Office

    By Shatavisha Chakravorty

    Many of us are of the belief that love can be found only in places like in a family marriage/get together or a flower shop or something of that likes. However the fact remains that love is often seen to be found in the weirdest of places.

    The work place of an individual is one such place. Now, as per the norms laid down by the society, it is expected that a workplace is somewhere a person does professional work and not indulge in personal and romantic activities.

    love story

    But with similar age group interacting with each other for more than 8 hours on a daily basis, this is far from being true. People often end up falling in love with their fellow colleagues and this type of a relationship usually ends up in the couple marrying each other.

    This is exactly what happened in the case of Rashmi and Madhav. Interestingly, Madhav was one of those people who never believed in the concept of work place love. Read on to know more on how Rashmi changed his views.


    Personal And Professional Lives Are Separate

    A strict disciplinarian, Madhav believed in keeping one's personal and professional life separate. Somewhere in his early 30s, he had achieved a lot in his professional life and his mom was now pestering him to settle down. Madhav had a busy schedule which did not leave him with much time for socializing. Hence, when the thought of having a girl in his life struck him, all he did was download a number of marriage apps in his mobile and enroll for premium membership in the same.


    The Bubbly Girl

    Rashmi was a bubbly 22 year old. Being an intern in an MNC in Bangalore, she was left with a lot of free time. It was in her joblessness she uploaded her profile in one of the marriage apps. It was not like Rashmi was looking forward for an arranged marriage then and there. She was merely bored of swiping right and left in dating sites and the bubbly girl was looking forward to trying out something new.


    The Sleepover

    It was the last week of the year and Rashmi's best friend Tina's parents had gone out of town. This called for a sleepover. Well past midnights, as the girls sat gossiping, Tina started scrolling through Rashmi's feed in none of the sites. That's when Madhav's name came up in one of the suggestions. Tina claimed that this guy was out of her league. Being the only child of an IAS officer, since childhood Rashmi has always got what she wanted. Being told that she cannot get something made her want it all the way more. That's when she sent a request to Madhav.


    The Acceptance

    Madhav was surprised to receive this proposal from the Bangalore kid. However, considering that his company was about to relocate him to the city in a couple of months and he had no friends there, he thought of accepting the same. There was no question of dating her. But the thought of having a friend while moving to an unknown city did appeal to Madhav.


    As Love Blossoms

    Seeing her proposal being accepted gave Rashmi the confidence to take things to the next level. What began as a mere exchange of numbers soon found itself into late-night long calls and texts. There was something about this girl that attracted him to her. So much so that when Rashmi's contractual internship confirmed itself to a permanent job in the same firm that he worked for, Madhav was elated. They were soon going to be colleagues.


    The Relocation

    With Madhav moving to Bangalore, it was expected that their relationship would take flight. But, what happened next was totally unexpected. Considering that both Rashmi and Madhav worked for a firm that had over hundred projects in the city, the odds of both of them ending up in the same project was very bleak. However, that is exactly what happened and soon long distance phone calls changed into catching up a quick cup of coffee in the pantry. Indeed, love was in the air.


    Thinking Of Taking The Leap Of Marriage

    With the office romance continuing for a couple of years, Rashmi and Madhav decided that it was time to get their families involved. Madhav's widowed mom lived in his hometown of Indore. On knowing about her son's relationship with this young colleague, she was more than happy. After all, Rashmi was the perfect daughter-in-law that she could have hoped for.

    However things were not as smooth at the other end. Rashmi's parents were furious at the idea of their only daughter marrying someone who was more than a decade older to her. The more she tried to convince them, the more adamant they were.


    Exchanging Vows

    After more than a year of persuasion, when her parents refused to give in, Rashmi decided that enough was enough and that it was time that she had a court marriage with the love of her life. Although Madhav was not very happy with the idea, he eventually gave in and with his mother's blessings, the couple had a humble court marriage.


    Changing Ideas

    A couple of years later, when Rashmi was expecting their first child, Madhav finally mustered the courage to call up his in-laws. Considering their disdain for him, this was a difficult step to take. But Madhav knew how much Rashmi needed her parents at that stage in life. What followed was an emotional meeting, which ultimately led to Rashmi's parents accepting the marriage wholeheartedly.


    A Fairytale Ending

    Today, the couple has moved into a plush villa near their office. They still work together and once in a while, they still manage to catch up over a quick cup of coffee (though these days, the topic of discussion in such meetings is their son's last PTA meeting or the park they should visit the upcoming weekend).

    With both sets of parents wholeheartedly accepting the marriage and the couple having a lovely son of their own, it is safe to say that the couple has sailed through the hurdles of life hand in hand.

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    Story first published: Saturday, January 13, 2018, 13:40 [IST]
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