Things To Do When Family Comes Into The Picture

By Tanya Ruia

Family - a very vague and vast term that cannot be defined. Family can be a home away from home, sometimes there are friends also that become family. But what comes first is the birth giver. It is always your family that will always have your back.

It is always your home and family that you can turn to. No matter what, no matter how many sins you have committed, how miserable you have been, what kind of days you have gone through, your family is the one you can trust.

family comes into the picture

But, don't you think that you have certain responsibilities towards your family and things that you need to give back to your family? Of course. It is always a give and takes relationship; of course, your family will never ask for it but it is your duty to return it to them.

Let's see what are the things to do when family comes into the picture:


This is the first and most important thing that you should do for your family. Communication is the most important part of human race. And a family is not a family without communication. A house becomes home when all the family members communicate. In the modern era, we are so much engrossed in our lives that we hardly care about communicating verbally. So, communicate.

Be Responsible

As you grow up, parents expect you to take up responsibilities and share it with them. This doesn't mean they expect you to be the domestic help. But, a responsibility of teaching your siblings, helping your parents in business, helping them sometimes in their household chores, etc.

Don't Disappoint

Parents nurture you and give their values to you. They expect you to become a better person than them. Don't disappoint them by any kind of heinous crime, bad habits, doing ill to the society, misusing their name, misusing their money, talking ill about people, and also talking ill about family. Don't disappoint by choosing wrong paths. Don't disappoint by being the opposite of the person they have always wanted to see you as.

Be More Giving

This thing is not only applicable to a family but also for being a nice human being. Be a bit more giving rather than more expecting. Always see the brighter side of each other and be more giving towards each of them. A family is meant to be standing there for each other and not always asking but giving.

The Faces That You See Today Won't Be There Tomorrow But Technology Will

This is a very symbolic and, in fact, the only thing that the present generation needs to understand. The technology that has taken over all the relationships, will be always there with them but the faces they are ignoring today, won't be there tomorrow.

Rather than getting engrossed in their mobile phones, laptops, iPads, etc. the present generation needs to spend more time with their grandparents, parents, siblings, and all the other people that they have been ignoring. Life is too short and too long to understand a lot of things but this is the most important thing to do when family comes into the picture.

Making Them Aware Of Anyone New In Your Life

This might sound a bit awkward for some people but it is always good if you keep your family aware of the new person you are dating, new friends that you have made, a new best friend and if not new, make them aware of the people you are going out with, the person you are in love with, the friend circle that you have, etc. It is always good that your family knows about it all. You never know what might happen.

Life changes all of a sudden. You never know what is going to happen. If there is rain, there is sunshine too. So, rather than spending your time and money on other useless things, concentrate on your family.

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