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    Things About The First Love You Will Always Remember

    You might have been in several relationships, but the first love topic always is in your mind. The things that you did in the first relationship will always be there in your mind. First love is always pure and special. It fills the hearts of both men and women with feelings that can never be explained.

    You can date as many people as you want, but you can never forget your first love. I have met many people who till date speak about their first love as if it happened recently. They remember the tiniest of details like where they met for the first time, or what they were wearing.

    Things About The First Love You Will Always Remember

    First love has been the best as said by many. People never really know when they fall in love and get in a relationship then. That is the reason they remember each and every bit of it.

    Let's see the things that every lover remembers about his/her first love.

    1. The first meet

    The first meet of the first love is never forgotten. You can never forget the first time you met your first love and that is the beauty. You might have the urge to go there again to relive the moment that you had the first time. You remember the exact details of the first meet and that is beautiful in every feeling.

    2. The first time you smiled at each other

    The first glance and the first smile at each other can never be forgotten. It feels like yesterday and, as I write this, even I am recollecting the memories of my first love. I am certain, you are smiling as well remembering the first smile you gave your first love.

    3. The first kiss

    No human will ever say they forgot their first kiss. It can never happen. The first kiss is the world's most sincere kiss and it cannot be forgotten. Every inch of that moment is remembered by us. That is the charm the first kiss has upon us. The happiness of the first kiss can never be compared to any happiness that kisses coming next gives.

    You remember where and how and at what time it happened. That is all it takes for us to rewind and relive the moment.

    4. The first trip

    The first road trip or the travel plans you and your first love had can never be forgotten, isn't it? The new experience you had gathered from it, you can never let go of that and it has always been there. That is the adventure our first love gives in the first trip together.

    The love that pours out in that trip can never be filled again.

    5. The timeline of your first love

    If it is running till now, you are the luckiest person on the earth and if it has ended, then you remember each and every fact about the timeline. You remember with dates and that is the inexplicable beauty of that timeline. You remember the very first moment to the death of the relationship. You remember the first of everything that happened in the relationship and you can never let it go from your memories.

    The first promises and the first wishes, the first happy moments to the last goodbyes, to the last arguments and the final statement. You remember it all.

    These are the things you can never really forget about your first love and to be honest, neither have I, till date. The happiness gives when you remember the time you had your first love can never seem to end.

    If you liked this article, let me know about your feedback in the comment section below. Tell me about your first love and what all you remember of it. These are the things about the first love you will always remember.

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    Story first published: Thursday, May 10, 2018, 14:00 [IST]
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