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Romantic Ideas; 1 Month And 30 Challenges For Couples To Complete

If you and your partner have been in a relationship for a long time or just went into a relationship, this article will be fun for you both. Romantic ideas do not come often to mind but you do want to romance with your partner every day. To make it possible, you can get started with this 1 month and 30 challenges for couples to complete and enjoy the whole month of togetherness.

At times in a relationship what we lack is the way of showing each other the affection we have. It takes a toll on the relationship after a certain point in time. This does make the couple feel lost in a relationship. 1 month and 30 challenges is a unique concept that makes you and your partner get back the lost romance. It makes you and your partner do simple yet romantic things for each other.

How Do These Challenges Help?

  • It makes you and your partner understand each other in a deeper sense.
  • It helps you and your partner regain the love quotient between each other.
  • If you and your partner are troubled with communication, it brings back the glory days when you both used to converse with each other.
  • These challenges often bring out the romantic persona of an individual in a relationship.

Let's get going with the challenges and evaluate our relationship at the end of the challenges. But remember if you and your partner complete the challenges together, it is more fun.

Things To Do For Her Birthday

1 Month And 30 Challenges For Couples To Complete

1. Leave Each Other A Sweet Note

In the first challenge, make sure you and your partner give each other a sweet note before the day ends. Write something that would make you and your partner feel better about each other and about the relationship. It is a simple challenge but it takes time to jot down something sweet for each other. This will definitely make you and your partner's day. Share a sweet note today.

2. Do Not Correct Each Other For A Day

We often try to correct our partners when they are wrong. Let's not do it for one day. Let's not correct or try to change them. Let just be each other one day and go without making a pause in the flow of being an individual. Try not to correct your partner one day. It is a challenge for you and your partner.

3. Kiss Everytime You And Your Partner Exchange A Look

Intensify your relationship, kiss each other everytime you and your partner exchange a look. This will not only get you on the better side of romance but will lead to a more intensified relationship.

4. Read A Thought About Love And Share With Each Other

You have one day to go through a list of thoughts you can gather but out of them, you have to mention the most relatable thought to your partner. The thought should reflect your understanding of love and the relationship you are in. You need to make sure the thought is relatable to your partner as well.

5. Surprise Each Other With A Gift

This challenge is to understand how much you and your partner know about each other. You need to buy a gift that your partner won't have any idea about. But when he/she opens the gift, they know they needed it. You need to look for such a gift that your partner needs.

6. Cook Something

Make your partner have your hand cooked food and this will give you and your partner a boost in the relationship. You can make it better by cooking your partner's favourite food.

7. One Date On The Go

You need to make sure about going out on a date. This date needs to be very romantic. It depends on you and your partner's desires. So be more creative and take your partner out on a romantic date.

8. Sarcasm Banned For A Day

You need to ban sarcasm for a day. There should absolutely be no sarcasm amidst any conversation between you and your partner. Have a sarcasm-free day challenge.

9. Lend A Hand For Help

Help your partner with something. Offer them a hand for help. Helping each other in a relationship speaks of the love between the two of you.

10. Understand Each Other By Living Their Life

Exchange roles and put yourself in your partner's place. This will give you and your partner a lesson in understanding each other. You will not only get insight into their way of understanding but will also understand where you lack in giving your partner love and care.

11. Think Positive

One day dedicated to thinking positive about each other. There should be no negative element or any such thoughts about each other and for the relationship.

12. Laughter Session

Enjoy a laughter session with your partner and cherish those moments. It is a challenge to have a minimum of 1-hour laughter session with your partner.

13. Look At Each Other For Some Time And Lose Yourself In Love

A very cliche challenge but worth every penny. Immerse yourself in looking at your partner. You and your partner need to sit somewhere and not do anything. Just look at each other. Make faces or deep dive into each other's mind, it is up to you and your partner.

14. Do Something Good For Your Partner's Health

You and your partner need to do something that would result in good health of each other. Now you find out what you can do and let your partner think on their own. Be healthy, be loved.

15. Encourage Each Other

Make your partner do something that he/she always wanted to do. Encourage them to do it. It is not just romantic but an aspect of being supportive of your partner's wishes.

16. Share Opinions

Put up some thought-provoking issues and gather the opinions of each other. This will give a better understanding of you both and your relationship as well.

17. Forgive And Forget

You need to forgive and forget your partner for one day. They might knowingly do the mistakes but you got to forgive them and forget those mistakes. It is a challenge after all.

18. Fulfil Each Other's One Fantasy

You have one day for fulfilling your partner's fantasy. Do it today. You will get to know about your partner's fantasies. Fantasies are worth living for. Try completing more than one fantasy.

19. Thank You

Be generous and say thank you. You need to express genuine gratitude to your partner for one whole day. Show your partner how you really mean about them being in your life. One thank you bring one smile. Imagine a lot of them in one single day!

20. Hugs And Wishes

Hug your partner at least 5 times in the day and wish them something good. This will make your and your partner's day memorable.

21. Compliment Your Partner

You need to do this challenge. Be more creative with words and compliment your partner. Compliments often make partners feel the love. You got to express what you feel in form of compliments.

22. Tell Your Partner Why You Love Them

You need to express your love. It should be in form of a conversation wherein you say your partner why you love them. A minimum of 3 reasons will do good. Think of the right reasons.

23. Watch Movies That Are Mutual Favourites

Take a day off and watch a couple of movies together. A challenge you and your partner need to complete. This will get you and your partner be more cosy and comfortable with each other.

24. Give Your Partner A Massage

Unexpected surprises are the best. So, decide one fine day to complete this challenge. Give your partner a soothing massage that relaxes them.

25. Go Shopping Together

It is up to you and your partner about what you both need to shop together. But you got to complete the challenge. You might go grocery shopping even.

26. Find A New Way Of Seduction

You and your partner need to find each other a new way of seduction. Find yourself immersed in the art of seducing your partner. It is a must in the 30 challenges.

27. DIY Something For Your Partner

You need to make something all by yourself. This should be for your partner. Now think what you want to do. You need to find that something which is missing or your partner is in need or would love to see.

28. Make A Mixtape

Make a mixtape for your partner and show him/her how much they mean to you with the help of music. Music brings out the love between the two of you. Make sure the music is your partner's genre and they like hearing these songs.

29. Write A Letter

Be more creative and write something that you could never say. Express love with a handwritten letter. Pour out your unsaid feelings and be truthful while writing the letter.

30. Be Candid With Your Partner

Remember the past 29 challenges and talk about it with your partner. Be more candid with them and take photos together. Post the challenge as completed and frame the checklist. This will remind you and your partner of the last act of being candid and how you and your partner had a fun and romantic 30 days.

This is the 1 month and 30 challenges that you and your partner should do. These romantic ideas or challenges will help you and your partner a lot in the relationship. Make sure that you and your partner complete it together. You can be creative with these challenges. You can make your partner start from the 29th and go upwards to complete the challenge while you do it from 1 to 29th. The 30th challenge should be together and should consist the glimpse of all the challenges.

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