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Relationships Really Evolve Or Is It Just A Fraction Of Our Imagination?

Relationships are formed by the contribution of love by two people being as one. The question to think is "do relationships really evolve or is it just a fraction of our imagination?" This article is for you to decide whether relationships evolve or not.

What Are Relationships Basically?

relationships really evolve

Relationships are the ways in which lovers combine to form a single galaxy of their own where they are the only planets and the world their universe. Relationships are the figure of two souls talking about being one. It is the way of life for understanding another person and thinking of being with them for this life. Relationships are the multi-dimensional unit of two individuals.

Relationships are also the timeline. A relationship is the expressive way of an emotion of a couple. A happy relationship shows the love between two individuals and a sad relationship depicts the pain of the couple.

Talking about relationships makes me think about how we evolved as humans and this makes us ask the question about our relationships evolving or not. I wonder in the thoughts of my mind if I were in a relationship, will that relationship keep getting better or will that relationship be stagnant as it is from the start.

The sad part is I am not in a relationship to understand the depth of the emotions that a couple has. Whereas, I can present this as an article for you to think and answer back or probably just think and find the answer on your own.

Relationships that I have seen are very stagnant or it does seem so. Why? If it is evolving then why can't another person understand the evolution? The thing about a relationship is that I believe is it the notion of emotions and I think the notion of emotion evolves most of the time and the relationship doesn't.

You might not agree with me but this is just my concept. The beauty of a relationship is the way two people first fall in love with each other and then get into a commitment. This commitment to being together is the relationship that I am talking about.

But in the current generation that we are living in, I don't think relationships are evolving because everyone has a threshold to sustain and be content and when a relationship reaches that threshold, either of the partner, breaks-up with the other. The relationship goes to a certain peak and the graph directly falls like an eagle swooping perpendicular towards the earth.

Life of a relationship is as little as a honey bee these days. A study shows the average break-ups happen within 130-160 days from the beginning of a relationship. This explains the maximum duration of a relationship on an average is 5 months.

Honestly, if you could help me out here in understanding whether a relationship really evolves or is it just the way of saying and is a fraction of our imagination.

Love is a way of expression and relationship is a way of two lovers being together.

Let me put some instances here and you think of the answer on your own.

The first instance is about two people in love who went into a relationship and are very content with each other. The things they have been doing from day 1 with each other, is still on repeat. The level of intimacy has increased. The motion of emotions has been understood. But the couple still looks gloomy and the happiness in them doesn't reflect even though they are very much in love with each other.

The second instance is about two lovers who are in a relationship from an early stage of their life. The thing about them is that they are deaf and blind. But the relationship they have has been the key to their happiness. They are still the way they were. They do the usual everyday things and nothing new. The couple never looks gloomy and are filled with warmth to spread around.

The third instance is about a rich couple falling madly in love with each other. They are quite independent and have their own businesses. They also do the usuals from day 1. They are happy and are content with the way they are going ahead in their lives and sharing the space of love for each other.

The fourth instance is about a couple who recently got married to each other. It was an arranged marriage. They do not know anything about each other. They are trying to adjust and are trying to be with each other and learning to understand each other. They are also doing the usuals from day 1. They are planning on a lot of things in their minds and are sharing it with each other. They look happy in the relationship they are in and are somehow enjoying each other's company even though they are adjusting.

Now you think from these which all relationships are evolving in nature or which relationship is only evolving and why.

Think about the instances in your mind and relate to the love you have inside and try answering on your own all that you think about these instances. You will find your answer as I did.

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