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    Reasons Why Women Tend To Be More Emotional Than Men

    By Saaransh Arora

    Women are always said to be more emotional and very difficult to understand, and that's true. Women are league's apart from men and think opposite to men.

    Men, on the other hand, are generally less emotional and sensitive as compared to women because of their upbringing. Both the genders are provided with different kinds of learning during their childhood.

    reasons why women

    Women are taught to be polite, calm, and caring. On the contrary, guys are taught to be more active, less emotional, and bold. These differences in nature stay with people throughout their lives.

    It is very difficult for men to understand women as men do not think the way women do. Women usually think from an emotional perspective and have a very different perspective on things. While men are lost in their own world which is less emotional and more direct.

    Women are innocent, naive and get hurt easily by anyone who hurts or betrays them. All they demand is love and care from the people around them.

    All a woman wants is a caring partner who loves her back. She is ready to leave everything just for this love and support.

    Following are the reasons why women are more emotional than men:

    Women Are Caring

    Women have always been the caring one, since the beginning of humankind. It is the hormones that call them to become caring as in the later stage of their life they become mothers. They would always try to help anyone in need and support them through their good and bad times.

    Whereas this nature is very rare in men as they are programmed to fight and survive. They easily get angry if someone says bad things about them but women continue to help even if they are internally hurt. They get super attached to the one they love and cannot even imagine leaving the person. They always think about the person more than herself. And for that, they are never ashamed or embarrassed.

    Women Are Dreamers

    Women fantasize a lot about things that are surreal and imaginative. Everything from her lover to her family is attached to her dreams and all they crave is to spread happiness. She hopes the best for every person and is ready to take the fall for it. Her dreams can never come to an end however the circumstances are.

    Women Are Innocent

    Women are innocent as they are very soft and kind-hearted. All they want is one person who can love them and does not ask for more. They trust people very easily and sometimes they get hurt if the person is not true to them. If a guy breaks their trust, they completely shatter from inside and it becomes very difficult for them to stand up again and trust someone again with their whole heart. Also, women always stay positive and try to spread their positivity around others and hope for the best.

    Women Demonstrate Emotions

    When a woman is sad anyone can figure out that something is wrong. Women are very expressive and cannot hide their sadness from their faces because of their innocence. Men are completely opposite as they do not show emotions to anyone except someone very close to them. If something is wrong in their life they cannot control their tears and feelings even if they want. All they want is someone to take care of them, cheer them up, give support to them when they are low.

    Violating Her Values

    A woman is made up of her values and her beliefs. But she can leave her values for someone who loves her to the core and can change herself for her lover. But if someone hurts her identity, she is destroyed from inside out. Her integrity is an emotion for her and she treasures it to the core. Her values make her and her self-respect is the soul of her. Every emotion flows through this and once the self-respect is broken they feel numb and shattered. Thus violating the values of a woman can be a harsh reality for you and for her.

    Men, on the other hand, are very gullible in the hands of women. They tend to be more free in nature and as a result, they do not care as much as women do about their emotions and violations. But they do care about their self-respect. Men do not add emotion to self-respect. They prefer it low key and are not attached to any kind of emotion. For them, it is a separate entity itself.

    Women are very specific about what they say and what they demand. They do not want anything beyond that.

    The above-mentioned reasons are the ones, men and women should look into in order to know the difference in connecting to emotions between men and women. Men should give respect and love to women and in reciprocation, women should convey love and respect to men.

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