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    Overrated Things In Relationships That We Do And See

    By Soham

    Humans have a tendency of amplifying their emotions. We tend to magnify and enlarge the emotion and the way it is achieved, to such an extent that it becomes the version of an overrated feeling or emotion.

    overrated things in relationships

    In relationships, we measure the goals. Goals are based on milestones. Milestones are based on emotional connection to the physical reality.

    There are many such things that we do in a relationship, which is not just overrated but is also very common. Yet these at times marks the achievement of milestones completion in a relationship.

    Let's get a bit deeper and see the things that are overrated in every relationship.

    Overrated Things In Relationships That We Do And See

    1. First Dates

    It is like an icebreaker for two people and nothing else. People have made it a big deal like it is some kind of a milestone that you completed in this life. There are plenty of first dates that happen to us. So, you need to be treating it as a normal thing and not just as some overrated thing that never had happened but it is the first time that it is happening.

    2. First Kiss

    You kissed someone for the first time. It is a feeling of victory, passion, and love all at once. Yes, I agree with you. The charm of being kissed or kissing is no doubt great. You had waited for a long time for it to happen. It happened now. Amazing!

    But don't just make it an overrated achievement. You might have had the first kiss of your life and you probably didn't know what to expect in it and whatever happened, you felt amazing. You remember the date and the time of the kiss.

    But what if the next time you kiss another individual, for the first time and the kiss feels way more natural than the previous one. You erase the previous kiss memory and fix this as the first and best kiss ever.

    These are just feelings of the mind and you shouldn't be giving them such high standards that these things start to feel overrated.

    3. The First Make Out

    I am so happy to see you smiling while you remember the first make out as you keep reading this paragraph.

    Let me tell you, it is fun and gives immense pleasure to know that you had a quite a makeout session but stop thinking it as a milestone achieved in your life. These feelings are as normal as reading an erotic book.

    There is no point about overrating these feelings. It will not just happen once but twice, thrice and a lot many times. Every new partner you meet, you will someday make out with them for the first time. Each experience is different and beautiful. So, there is no big deal in keeping such achievements in high spirits.

    4. Undressing Each Other

    You never underdressed anyone from the opposite gender and it was always one of your wishes. Well, now you got the chance of undressing someone from the opposite sex. You are overwhelmed with this feeling. You make it a big achievement. Why?

    It is very normal and a lot of people are doing it at the same time and there's nothing big about it. Sometimes, while undressing, we fail in unstrapping certain things and there are moments when the inners get stuck somewhere or the other. These are not achievements. So, don't overrate it.

    5. You Lost Your Virginity

    Was it good? Did you enjoy it? Did your partner enjoy it? How sure are you?

    Before you even think about all this, all that goes in your mind is the fact that you lost your virginity. You don't even know if you enjoyed it.

    What is the point of overrating it if you aren't even sure that you had a good time? You think you are preparing for the best night ever in your life and you don't even know what to do and how to bring the best out of it.

    To be honest, you put your brave foot forward and start touching and sensualizing each other. But the moment you are having it and you start seeing something on the bedsheet, your mind starts exploding with statements of embarrassment, confusions, doubt, etc. You ask yourself was this why people say this is the best thing ever and before you know, you are no more a virgin.

    There is nothing to add more to it. There is nothing to make it overrated.

    These 5 facts about relationships are the most overrated in this generation and everyone who has been through the article would certainly relate to it and agree to it that there is no point in keeping these things overrated.

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    Story first published: Thursday, April 19, 2018, 13:50 [IST]
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