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Love and its various parts 

By Soham Senapati

"You told me once

it is beautiful the way two hearts connect

with eyes taking photographs of love

and body acknowledging each layer of flesh" - A Mixed Nerve

"Loving you is like walking on an endless road" - A Mixed Nerve

Everyone has a different meaning when it comes to love. Love is the chemistry of atoms. Love is the drug and humans, the addicts. Love makes us feel happy, sad, confused and frustrated. Love is an interweaved word with bundles of emotion, converging the whole nervous, skeletal and muscular systems of our body to act according to it's want and desire. We become puppets of love, the moment we feel the emotion of it.

Love is the virtue of god that was passed on to humans as a gift to his best creation. Love has various ways to put forward its theory of evolution since generations.

The different parts of love that I have summarised in this post is to give an idea of what love is and how it feels to be in love.

Parts Of Love:

#1. Connecting Souls:-

Love is all about how two people become one. It is all about the atoms loving atoms. When we fall in love, it is the soul that captures the other soul and makes love inside our very flesh.

Let the soul rip you apart from everything that kept your soul from dancing to the tunes of love and desire.

#2. Intimacy Of Flesh:-

Our body is a path to feel and give love. Flesh makes connection for love and every time love comes to the scene, flesh becomes sensuous of its being. Flesh is nothing but a puppet that admires another flesh, when the soul desires. Intimacy of flesh is the most raw form of love that we see through our eyes.

#3. Brewing Feelings:-

The act of falling in love is known to have a calm effect on a person's body and mind. When in love, it is not mind that takes control of ourselves but feelings. Feelings guide us in the course of love. It's the heart that along with blood circulates feelings all throughout our body, making our body a brewery and feelings to brew.

#4. Calling Out To Hormones:-

If feelings do anything with us, they do it through the hormones. Hormones are the weapons used by feelings. Every time, the love of our life nears, hormones like a spidey sense get activated and start working their way to reach up to our mind, in order to pursue the interest of our eyes.

#5. Untwined Emotion:-

It is not love if it isn't moon and stars shining in your soul, the moment you lay eyes on your love. And when love happens, a piece of you is always taken by your lover or it resides in them and you can do nothing to get it back. These untwined emotions that come along with love are the feelings that we crave for. They make us do crazy acts in the name of love.

#6. Satisfaction Of Romance:-

Love when happens, romance becomes the invited guest to the party in order to have some moments of love. Romance energizes the love and before taking departure, it gives happiness and a sensual feeling to the lovers that stays until romance knocks the door again later.

We can never have control over love and its ideas. Love can never be tamed, for it is vast as the sea. Love is all about experiencing the sensation of the soul and connection of the atoms with atoms of another body. Love is the eternal gift from god that binds two souls and its doorway is our eyes.

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