How To Be An Amazing Kisser? Tips To Know

By Soham

I see the gleam in your eyes the moment you read the title. You have been waiting to know the secrets of kissing, aren't you? You definitely want to master this art. Don't you? This article will definitely get you going.

Kissing is an art and it is one of the most romantic ways to express your feelings in a physical way. Wait, this doesn't mean you make a romantic movie set and just go, wrap your hands around your lover and kiss her. That's not the way to be a good kisser. There are processes in everything that you do. Wait to finish reading the article. Do not jump to a conclusion yet.

how to be an amazing kisser

Kissing is a subtle form of loving and caring in a more intimate way. Like every art, it also takes some time to master.

Let's go through the tips below.

How to be an amazing kisser?

1. Setup The Mood Before Even You Think About Kissing

It is the most important thing to do. Men get aroused easily but turning a girl on takes something more than just talking or touching. You have to set her mood. How do you plan on doing that?
Totally up to you.
But what you need to know at this point is before you head for kissing, remember to bring her into the mood of kissing, make her a bit more sensitive to your talk. Talk about the things that will arouse her mood or perhaps watch a romantic movie, or go for a night walk under the moonlight. Make her mood light and sensuous and you know you are ready.

2. Seek Consent

Might sound naive to you, but it goes pretty well with the ladies. If you want to be an amazing kisser, then remember asking for her consent before you go for the lips.
"May I kiss you?" or "Is it okay if we kiss?" or "Can I kiss you?".
By this, you make sure that you both are on the same page. This acts as a signal for you.

3. Stay Fresh

Keep your mouth fresh and it should not stink of foods you eat. You don't want to be the person who was about to kiss but got a push back because of a stinking mouth. Being fresh and hygienic is good, especially for the mouth, before you kiss. 

So, cleanse your mouth and keep it fresh and kiss-ready.

4. Amazing Kissers Keep Calm And Use Moisturising Balm

You are here on the 4th step and this is crucial. Rough lips are a turn-off for ladies. Having dry and dead lips and planning on kissing doesn't make you an amazing kisser. You need to know ladies like to brush lips while they kiss.

So, keep it moist and use a balm if you need to. It helps a lot. But refrain from using any balm with fragrance in it. Just a neutral balm will do good.

5. Understand Your Lady's Preference

You might be a very good kisser but you can't be amazing if you don't know what she wants in the kiss.
How to know it?

So, when you start kissing, go slow, see her movements, try understanding, if she is rough or gentle or is a newbie in the town of kissing. Now, when you get to understand this fact, you narrow down your expertise to what she would like.

It is an art, my friend!

6. You Make Conversation While You Kiss

Thinking how do I make a conversation? Well, it is conversation done by a kiss. Play while you kiss. For instance, if you are going slow, your partner goes slow, and if you are slipping your partner is sliding. The lip movement is a way of conversation while you kiss. You and she go at the same pace and keep playing and having kiss conversations.

7. Use A Bit Of The Teeth

Amazing kissing includes a bit of biting. Biting doesn't have to be harsh but gentle, giving away a sensation. Bite her lips a bit.

8. It Is All About Passion

An amazing kisser is also a passionate one. He doesn't kiss for the sake of it. He is passionate about it.

9. Use Of The Tongue

Using tongue depends from person to person. If your lady is using it don't keep yourself on the shore and enjoy. Rush and dive into the charm of using the tongue and teeth while you kiss.

10. Use Your Body While You Kiss

Don't just go along with kissing. Use your body in showing the passion. Tilting of the head, holding her hair from behind, wrapping your arms around her, holding her neck, bending her a bit, making her lean on to the wall, holding her hands in locks while you keep kissing, etc. These not only say that you are into her, but it gives her the sensation of being loved not only by a kiss but all over the body.

10. Amazing Kissers Are Anti-Hickey

You keep it real and raw and but don't leave hickeys behind. The game of hickeys is gone. Now, you need to be subtle in kissing. It is beautiful to see your partner swaying along with you as you both kiss.
Do not plant any hickeys on her neck or anywhere.

11. Lip Kiss Is Basic

Amazing kissers know for a fact that lip kiss is just the start of the passion. It goes way beyond that. All it takes to be amazing is you to know the spots where she gets aroused and keeps feeling the sensation. Places like the side of the neck, behind the ears, the lobe of the ears, under the jaw bone, collarbone, tip of the nose, shoulder ends, behind the neck, inside wrist, eyelids, and foreheads.

12. Remember To Be Gentle At The Start

Be slow and gentle. Be smooth and passionate. Go one by one and finally she will understand that you are one-of-a-kind kisser and she will probably tell you that as well.

These are the tips you need to know to become an amazing kisser that you have always wished for.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 13:30 [IST]
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