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    How Can You Be Intimate With Your Partner Without Sex

    By Tanya Ruia

    In the 21st century of the modern era, sex is considered to be really important in a relationship. But, the partners often forget that emotional intimacy is more important than physical intimacy. You can always love your partner enough without an intercourse as well.

    Yes, there are tons of ways by which you can make your partner feel loved, cared, secured and intimate, of course. It is not only the hymen or your size that will decide how happy you are in your relationship. There are still a lot of people who have saved their hymen and sex for the marriage and are still happy in their relationships.

    intimate with your partner

    True and a good relationship is all about honesty, love, understanding and emotional intimacy.

    You can always do the following things to create intimacy and fresh love without the intercourse as well.

    Let's see the ways in which you can be intimate with your partner without having sex.

    Appreciate Each Other

    Yes, appreciation is the master key to any relationship. The whole wide world can go against you or your partner or can say that you are not good and worthy. But, it is you who has to be with your partner and appreciate them. Either as soon as you wake up, appreciate your partner and tell them how good and worthy they are or while you are going to bed, appreciate them. It will just make their day and make them feel more connected to you.

    Good Kisses

    If not intercourse, your partner definitely deserves a good kiss. Random affections like kisses will make them feel really special. While walking, sitting, watching TV or movies, just kiss them randomly either on the cheeks, forehead, hands, etc. It will make them feel loved and special. Good kisses will not make you miss the physical intimacy, rather they will make the other person feel very special. Also, you can give them passionate kisses, so that they don't feel the lack of intercourse and can really connect with you.

    Holding Hands

    What could be a better gesture than holding hands with your partner? Hold their hands while sitting on the couch and slightly cuddle them, they will feel highly connected and intimate with you. Hold their hands while watching a horror or a romantic movie, it will make them feel the security and romance, respectively. Have you ever seen an older couple walking and holding hands? Didn't it make you smile? You might think of holding hands as something for the early dating days; but it's a good way of maintaining closeness and intimacy throughout a relationship, even one that's lasted decades.

    Pretend You Are A New Couple

    Never let your partner feel that the love has lost and faded away. Keep the charm alive and make them feel every day as if it is still your honeymoon period. The freshness of the love does not come just like that. It needs the sprinkle of emotional bonding, humor, care, and understanding. The way you used to behave and act understanding during your initial dating period, you've got to behave that the same all your life in order to keep your partner emotionally intimate with you.


    Outercourse means any kind of sexual activity that does not include an intercourse. Make out with your partner like never before and you can still reach an orgasm and a really good climax without the intercourse as well. There are a lot other stimulating activities that can make you feel satisfied, like a sensuous massage, tickling, intense makeout, handjob, etc. This kind of physical intimacy also has its own charm. You will not feel any kind of a lack of the physical satisfaction.

    Keep Talking Your Heart Out

    Love is not all about just sex, intimacy, and physical pleasure, but it is also for the pleasure of the heart. Till the time you don't feel the pleasure in your heart, is it even worth any kind of an intimacy? Share your feelings and fantasies with your partner. Whatever mess or problems are going on in your mind and heart in the form of waves, calm them by sharing it with your partner. Tell them everything that you have ever wanted to shout out and do. Talking makes things easier and better. Talking is better than keeping it inside.

    Cuddling Is The Cutest

    Who doesn't like to cuddle? Be it a guy or a girl, everyone loves to cuddle. Hugging each other tightly, feeling each other and just lying down in the bed, under the stars, or anywhere and just being in love. Cuddling is the best therapy for PMSing, bad mood, sexual craving, anything! Cuddling makes you feel more passionate, compassionate, loved, connected and, most importantly, intimate. Order or make a good dessert and enjoy with your partner while cuddling.

    Every relationship becomes sore and boring after some time, but sex should not be the only reason for keeping your relationship alive. Be it removing the boredom or be it why the relationship has become boring, you just have to love your partner enough to create the intimacy without sex.

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