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Happy Friendship Day 2019: The Conversations We Have With Our Friends

In the journey of our lives we do make a lot of friends and we always have a seperate space for themselves.

This year friendship day is on August 4 and there is no way we can miss this opportunity to wish our friends, who are more like a family and make them feel special.

A friendship is just limitless like the skies. The bonding that we share with our friends is a mixture of varied emotions. They are one of those people who we can take for granted and yet they don't judge us. Be it a classmate, flatmate, co-worker or friends on social media, true friends always have our back in difficult times and celebrate our moment of happiness like their own.

The conversations we share with them is the key to our friendship. This article is based upon those conversations that we have normally with our friends, the variety of friends. We often share ideas, music playlists and things that matter to us. These conversations are very lively as we get in line with the thoughts of our friends. Having a friend to converse with, is a better feeling than being in a relationship. Conversation brings out the relationship you share with your friends. The idea of friendships is to be mutually connected with each other through thick and thin.

Conversations We Have With Friends

1. Idea Sharing Conversations

Ideas are a way of getting to know about each other. Ideas bring forth new conversation topics between friends. Ideas being bulletproof keep friendships together. Friends that share ideas are worth having. Every time a new conversation about an idea comes to the table of conversation, friends pitch in a lot of thoughts.

2. Gossips

There are friends who prefer to gossip with each other and these friends are the ones that make life worth having. They gossip about topics from the tiniest matter to the politics of the country. Gender-based gossips to the office-based talks, gossip friends are the ones that keep you updated about current affairs. Gossips keep friends tagged along.

3. Travel Conversations

We often make friends who share similar mindsets. These reflect a lot in the conversations. Sometimes friends become travel partners with the conversations they have. Talking about adventures, places and things to see in some places gets you a bunch of travel companions. Friendships based on travel conversations are worthwhile.

4. Best Friend Conversations

Best friend conversations are the ones that best friends relate to the most. They not only talk about their friendships, the conversations they have exceeds limits of every friendship goals. Best friends conversations are intimate in nature and are pure to the core. Sharing each little secrets brings out the trust in each other. Best friends make the world a small place and their friendship the universe for them. If you and your best friend share a thought about life, it means you both have a certain kind of vibe that no one else shares. You know the depth of conversation you both have. No one can ever make it to that level.

5. General Day-To-Day Conversations

You and your friend converse in general about everyday things you do and these conversations mean a lot. These keep you and your friend intact. These conversations tell you all about your friend and you cannot do anything but cherish these conversations. You understand the situation they are in. The happiness these conversations bring to the picture is priceless.

These 5 types of conversation are often seen between friends and these conversations mean a lot. If you happen to have one such friend with whom you share these kinds of conversations you are more than lucky. You do not need ecstasy in life as you have them. They bring you the peace you seek in life. They deliver the ultimate happiness. Cherish them in each and every way you can.

Happy Friendship Day!