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    Definite Questions To Ask Yourself When You Are In Difficult Times

    Sometimes, every relationship goes through difficult times. In these times, you need to keep your calm and think about certain things that do make a difference. Ask yourself some questions that would help you figure out where and what went wrong. These questions not only help you but even get you going ahead in the relationship.

    None in this world lives a stress-free life. No matter how beautiful your relationship is or normal your lifestyle is, you will find yourself stuck in certain traumatic situations where you want everything to just stop and you start finding a pause button. The best way here is to think and solve the problems before they become bigger issues in your relationship.

    ask yourself

    Let's see the questions that will guide you home to a better relationship.

    1. Have I Given My All To This Relationship?

    This is the first question that makes you certain about where you stand. This is the toughest question that you should ask yourself. It befalls on your own actions and reactions. You need to think about things and ask yourself if you have given your best to the relationship, if you have put the best of your efforts to make the relationship have its ground and survive, and if you have done all you could have.

    We are very critical people and we often analyse others before we look into ourselves if we are at fault or not. Before you start judging your partner, ask yourself this question and think about where you are flawed. This question will give you the insight as to what you need to do and what not to.

    You might find your relationship struggling all this while and you might have thought it is your partner's fault when it might actually be you who is to blame. It is nothing to be ashamed of and this how we make ourselves better and our relationship by looking into us and figuring out if we have done any mistake and how we can revert.

    2. What Is It That You Love The Most About Your Partner?

    When you are in trouble, you should stop thinking about the bad and start focusing on the good. Every relationship goes through a lot of ups and downs and so will yours. So now, ask yourself, what is that one thing that you love the most about your partner? What is that one thing which constantly puts a smile on your face when you think of them?

    Now, just think about it, think harder. Smile about it. And then go back to knowing why you love them so much. This way you will make yourself feel better about them and in this way you can solve a lot of problems.

    3. What Makes You Feel Alone?

    Even after being in the relationship you feel alone. Ask yourself why is it so? Sometimes, we tend to become the biggest enemies of ourselves. If you are in a good and happy relationship and you still kind of feel sad and empty, you need to ask yourself the cause.

    You need to ask yourself why you feel alone and empty. You need to ask yourself, if it is your partner's absence every time you need them or is it your past still lingering on and not letting you completely live your life like you should, making you feel empty and lonely. Do not be quick to blame your partner; think about it yourself first.

    4. Do You Love Yourself Enough?

    The biggest question of all is if you are in love with yourself or not. If you are not in love with yourself, you cannot love someone else. You need to figure out why and how you aren't in love with yourself. The moment you understand the answer you know the next step is easier. If a person is not in love with himself/herself, then he fails to give the love to someone else as well.

    Your partner might be feeling left out in the relationship and there might be a lot of other causes that are making you and your partner fight and these all might as well be related to you and your loving attitude towards yourself. Figure out if you are in love with yourself or not.

    These are the top 4 questions that you should ask yourself everytime you think the relationship is going off the track. The difficult times often become easy when you start analysing the problems. Find the solutions easily after asking yourself the questions. It helps a lot in every relationship.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 24, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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