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    Common Myths About Long-term Relationships You Should Never Believe

    By A Mixed Nerve

    Love can be a very confusing thing if not understood clearly. Love and relationships have always been a muse for poets and artists. These were never the subject of science or science never paid attention until recent years.

    Only in these recent years, we are beginning to scratch the surface of all the reasonable arguments involved in two people coming together and being in love. Because of this, most of what we believe about love is either psychological or a study and while we are discovering things about love, much of this information that is passed on from one person to another is inaccurate. There are myths that have been passed on from generations as well which need to be addressed as wrong information in today's society.

    common myths

    Here are a few common beliefs about long-term relations that are not true!

    1. You Are Happy Always!

    Every relationship has its ups and downs. Thinking that a long-term relationship is about happiness all the time is wrong. There are times when these couples get bored of each other and feel like leaving each other. A long-term relationship doesn't necessarily have to be 24*7 happy. There are times long-term relationships go through troubles.

    2. You Are Always In Love

    Most people think that love stays in a long-term relationship and it keeps blossoming. But to be honest, it is not that way. In a long-term relationship after a certain point, the excitement decreases between couples. This doesn't mean that the relationship is over between the couple. Rather, it is seen that falling out of love is an opportunity for you to foster more closeness with your partner. You need to understand that in a long-term relationship, the feeling can come and go!

    3. Partner Should Fulfill Each Other's Need

    The partner should be a lover, a best friend, a teammate, a confidante, a shopping buddy, a drinking buddy, a movie buddy, and your everything. This belief is wrong.
    No one person will ever be able to fulfill all your needs. Besides, personal space is necessary for a healthy relationship.

    4. There Is No Point Impressing Each Other All The Time

    Some people get married and start gaining weight. This is because they are told that the biggest goal of our lives is to find the partner with whom we can settle, and when we do find someone who commits to us, we can let go of trying to impress. This is a wrong assumption. In order to keep the flames of love glowing in us, we need to in intervals or uncertain time periods, try and impress our partner.

    The key to a long-term relationship staying put is there is a constant work that both the partners do in order to have each other's attention. You should never stop looking after yourself for yourself, but also to keep the love alive. It is not about maintaining a certain amount of flesh in the body, it is all about igniting the love between the two of you. It is about wanting and continuing to put efforts in the relationship and making your partner feel the urge to be with you.

    5. Marriage And Having A Child Is The Ultimate In A Long-Term Relationship

    It is wrong to think that a long-term relationship is built for marrying and having a child. This myth has been there in our society.

    A long-term relationship is all about you and your partner and if that involves a marriage and a baby then it is good. But that doesn't mean it is all about the marriage and baby. There are so many couples walking right now happily with each other and for a long time but have not married and do not have babies.

    It is all about your own decision and no one else. If you and your partner want a marriage and baby then go ahead but if not then it is okay. This myth has been there for ages and not many have tried to reform it.

    These are the common myths about long-term relationships that we feel. But these are not to be believed. The only thing a person should believe is the way he/she loves his/her partner and the reciprocation he/she gets. Believing in these norms and myths are wrong as they override your personal beliefs.

    If you liked reading the article then let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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