An Open Letter: If Only Loving You Was Easy

By Soham Senapati   

An Open Letter:

I am writing this to let you know why it was so difficult for me to be in love with you and why I am leaving.

In the world of lust, love, deceit, trust, hate, and anguish, loving you wasn't easy. There were times where we had our love, and then at times, we fell into the pit of sadness.

an open letter

If you ever read this remember it was hard, very hard for me to fall in love, to let you in me, to show you the vulnerable path of how love happens to me.

Love has always been my most prized possession and I had let you have it to the full.

If not love, I had nothing else to give. I wish you felt my heart the way I used to feel yours. The heart beats of your heart soar in my ears.

If Only Loving You Was Easy, The Way I Had Thought:-

I know you must be thinking that love is just a name of an emotion, an attachment of feeling and nothing else but let me tell you, it is the most insanely beautiful and amazing feeling that we feel every moment we fall in love with someone and this is not it.

Love is the purest of our emotion with no idea of how to be expressed and when we do, the world falls into the place, we find our way to the one person we love the most.

Love is the very essence of feeling, an unrealistic, yet a real feeling. You never felt it for me. How will you know?

I was just a puppet in love where I gave you everything I had and yet you tore me apart.

I Gave You Everything I Had:-

Days passed and love grew in between us. We were inseparable. If I was a pebble, you were the stream that touched me every second. The thought of you being with me had been my daily thought.

Our Wild Was Our Safe Place:-

We were the two against the forces of the world. We had us and we needed none. Our wild had grown fond of each other and the way we loved each other, we loved the world. That was enough. That was it. We wanted nothing. We had everything, I being wrapped in your arms and you inhaling all my essence of love and dark.

You Made Me Go Away:-

I had every reason to go away but I wanted to stay, for you were the reason and always you. What did you give in return?

A shattered desire of lost hope and lost love. Was it all that you wanted? Me, running behind you like it is a marathon of love running to win the heart.
I hope you understand love one day, I hope you understand me someday.

I had to leave, and I wish I had done it earlier, for now, I am just a human broken inside smiling to the world outside.

I hope you realize someday, our path if crosses again you will see me happy from outside and you will see my eyes and then you will see the fire burning, killing the god inside, Love.

Love was my only place, my only inner sanctum, yet all you did was bring it to the chaos and now I am just a body with no soul inside for I feel hell is burning in me and the fumes are still inside.

If only loving you was easy, I wouldn't have left. You were everything and finally became nothing.

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